This Saturday, Tottenham striker and England captain Harry Kane has challenged the men’s shaving genre, and brands’ approaches to men’s behaviour and masculinity, in a new campaign for Harry’s own razors.

The 30-second ad devised by Brothers & Sisters seeks to highlight and spark a conversation around men’s mental health, rather than point the finger at men.

The supportive approach to the topic is teamed with a strikingly different aesthetic to those usually found in the men’s shaving category. Rather than cleanly graded shots of an inspirational man testing out a razor in the mirror, the ad is an ethereal test of character, with Kane’s personal issues at the centre.

Directed by Caviar’s Thomas Ralph, the spot opens on a monochrome football pitch in Chingford, London.

From a distance Kane stands, balancing boldly on top of the crossbar. ‘I am not afraid,’ he says. As the camera pans in, he comes into closer focus. He continues, ‘I am not afraid to lead, I am not afraid to be criticised, to ask for help, to tell my daughters I love them. I am not afraid to be myself and if that makes me different, I’ll choose different every time.”

Founder of Brothers & Sisters, Andy Fowler comments: “We set out to make a piece of work that would stand out from the crowd, just like Harry Kane stands out from the crowd and Harry’s razors stand out from the crowd. One shot, in black and white, with Harry Kane opening up, while standing on the crossbar of the pitch in Chingford where he scored many of his goals as a kid. It’s not like other ads. And all the better for it.”

#IAMNOTAFRAID will play out across television, digital video, Harry’s and Harry Kane’s social channels.

The official website for the campaign can be found here:


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