Italian police arrested one of the country’s most wanted fugitives after being on the run for almost 15 years. The criminal surrendered peacefully as he was at home with his partner and two cats preparing to eat pasta.

150 police officers came to a modest apartment in the southern city of Naples on Saturday to arrest the 38-year old Marco Di Lauro, one of the country’s most prominent gangsters.  The man was captured without a fight, as he had just finished a workout. He was with his partner Cira and two cats, apparently preparing for dinner as a freshly-cooked plate of pasta was standing on the table, according to local media.

The high-profile police intervention was warmly welcomed by the locals as dozens of people gathered outside the building to watch the famous mobster being seized. Footage posted online shows the crowd chanting “Well done” as Di Lauro was brought into the police car.

The criminal had been on the run since 2004 


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