(Man things must be tough in Japan) Japan Airlines said that a long-serving cabin crew member failed two breathalyser tests on a flight from Tokyo to Hawaii. She was found to have drunk a mini bottle of champagne that was supposed to be for premium economy passengers.

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Japanese pilots seem to drink a fair bit?

A Japanese pilot delayed five flights when he was found to be over the limit before boarding, All Nippon Airways (ANA) said today.

The captainwas due to serve domestic flight NH 501 from Osaka Itamiin central Japanto Miyazaki, a city on the southern island of Kyushu.

During a pre-boarding inspection, the crew member of ANA Wings, an affiliate airline of ANA, tested positively for alcohol.

As a result, the airline had to switch crew, which delayed five flights in total.

The crew member admitted that he drank alcohol with his co-pilot at the hotel where they were staying, according to local newspaper The Mainichi, but claimed he hadn’t had a drink in the 12 hours before the departure time.

In November, a Japanese pilot for Japan Airlines admitted to beingalmost 10 times over the alcohol limitshortly before a flight from…

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