This isn’t an attack on the media or the straight white male population. But this is to say that I have little trust in it, even the ones that are claimed to be black owned


Source: Thrive Global

A lot of what I post came from news sites all over the internet. Politically speaking, they came from general left wing sources such as Alternet, Daily Kos, The Root, etc. Most people on the right have bugs up their asses that most of the media is liberal, or so they say. However, they have media catered to their thinking such as Fox News, Newsmax, the National Review, etc. Yet, I prefer leftist news media as opposed to right wing media.

Yet, no matter what slant the media goes to, they’re still largely owned and operated by straight white males mostly for straight white males. I know, there have been significant changes in what’s out there in recent years. But in large sums, it’s geared towards a certain demographic, because it’s owned by that certain demographic.

There’s still a lot of unfairness. Minority voices are still at…

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