02/27/2019 at 6:59 am

Wow Paul is really dead?

Some of the Paul-Faul (Fake Paul) theory elements are so funderfully elaborate and self-referential for those who know the Beatles music and history inside out – but the real failure is the images of Paul-before and Faul-after that are always so mismatched and unconvincing when an abundance of good comparative images could easily be assembled.

If they could really do that miraculous and remarkable plastic surgery in the 1960s to make someone look like the original Paul McCartney, down to the little bump/scar on one side of his upper lip… then why are there so many freaky plastic surgery victims walking around Hollywood today?

Including the late great Joan Rivers – unless she actually wanted to look like that.

I still have many of my parents’ vinyl albums, including the Beatles .

Paul died in a VW bug seen on the album cover of Abbey Road. Everyone knows that.
I still have that magazine from the 70’s “Paul is Dead” – it burned into my brain 


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