Last week some kids in southern California were caught playing beer pong with their cups assembled in the classic Swastika formation. Very dangerous stuff, people. Kids arranging their beer pong cups into the wrong shapes is scary, scary stuff, and can not be tolerated; it must not be tolerated.

It’s basically another Holocaust. One lady I encountered on Twitter a few days back actually recommended having child protective services visit the parents of these young pong-playing rascals to investigate them for child abuse. Oh yeah, people, we are that close to Sovietesque dystopia, if we’re not there already.

Someone should explain to this Neo-Bolshevik psychopath that all the scientific literature suggests children are not mere vessels into which their parents’ values (or “culture” for that matter) are thrown. In fact, a child’s peers are far more influential in shaping their opinions than are their parents. This, by the way, is an adaptive trait/phenomenon.

You see, you need to learn how to navigate the social milieu you find yourself in, not the social milieu of two or three decades past! So, if anyone is responsible for these chilling (pun intended) cup formations, it is not the parents of these kids, but their peers, in particular youth-driven movements like the Alt-Right!


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