The Trump era combines the criminality of Watergate with the demagogy of McCarthyism.

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Election Fraud Is Coming From Inside the GOP – Bloomberg

An analysis by North Carolina political scientist Michael Bitzer showed a pattern of suspicious results for mail ballots, especially in Bladen and Robeson counties, which make up less than 2 percent of the state’s population but combined for 18 percent of mail ballots that were requested but never turned in. Black voters there have said their ballots were collected and then seemingly disappeared.

The daily crisis that is Trump’s presidency often obscures the extended crisis that is the Republican Party. In Michigan and Wisconsin Republican legislators are seeking to steal not votes but their meaning. Having lost statewide elections in November, the Republicans, many representing intricately gerrymandered districts, intend to rob incoming Democrats of the powers of their offices, voters be damned. They are smashing the peaceful transition of power without which democracy instantly fails.

The Trump era combines the criminality…

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