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To be honest, talking about it was a nightmare for her.

Theresa May’s keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference was a disaster from beginning to end – not just because of the stunt by ‘Lee Nelson’ performer Simon Brodkin, not because of her extended coughing fit, in which she choked on her own words, not even because, it seems, arcane forces contrived to knock an ‘F’ off the slogan on the backdrop behind her (“F off”? It’s a headline-writer’s dream).

Richard Burgon MP


It’s an F off to the country from Conservative Party Conference….

Owen Jones🌹


Replying to @OwenJones84

The F has just fallen off so it now reads OR EVERYONE.

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It was a disaster because it was rubbish.

This Writer thought it might be worth examining just the start of the speech…

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