Emmanuel Macron is a man who almost magically went from a public servant in 2008 to become a partner in the Rothschild banking empire in a mere 2 years and then just a few years after that, with NO experience, became President of France. He did so because he is Rothschild’s man. Coming out of nowhere to “win” an election on a platform that most French people at the time clearly did not support. He “defeated” an opposition candidate that was widely supported by the French people but hated by the establishment and the media. ( his opponent campaigned on a platform of France and the French people first, last and always and to hell with Israel, the EU and mass forced immigration) Naturally we are supposed to believe the French people “elected” a 39 year old guy with no experience, married to a women old enough to be his mother, who clearly owned his allegiance to Israel, banking interests, and the EU and wanted wide open immigration. Sure and pigs fly…..)

Like his counterparts in the US, he has repeatedly subordinated the best interests of France and the French people to Israel, the EU and their agenda of open immigration (no Trump’s actions to date have not actually done much of anything to stem to flood of illegal aliens. On the contrary, they are pouring across our borders in record numbers-look at what “leaders” do, not what they say)

posted by Strachan


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