Reaching for political heights? Trump's statement on Golan sparks int'l uproar

“I did it. It has been done and it’s fine,” he said, referring to the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem, which also sent shock waves through the world at that time and sparked massive protests in the Middle East. He claimed that the Golan Heights “are the same thing.”

An EU spokeswoman said that the bloc does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967. The French foreign ministry noted that Israel’s claims for sovereignty over the Golan have been “recognized as null and void” by several UN Security Council’s resolutions.

Berlin said it rejected any unilateral steps, adding that the Golan Heights are still universally recognized as an occupied territory of Syria. “This is still a status quo under the international law,” the German Foreign Ministry’s deputy spokeswoman, Ulrike Demmer, sai

Trump maintained that it is supposedly all “about regional security” while…

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