Andrew Anglin gives the Nazi salute in Rome. (Photo via HuffPost)

Andrew Anglin gives the Nazi salute in Rome

The founder of a top neo-Nazi website has been ordered to return to his country, the United States, for a lawsuit.

According to a Monday report by the Associated Press, a federal judge ruled Friday that the Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin must return to the US.

Anglin has been trying to dodge indictment for months but the ruling obliges him to reveal his location by February 16.

PressTV-Trump said condemning neo-Nazis ‘biggest mistake’

PressTV-Trump said condemning neo-Nazis ‘biggest mistake’The US president has reportedly called his condemnation of white supremacists his “biggest mistake.”

Having launched a “troll storm” against a Montana Jewish woman, he has said that returning to the US is dangerous for him.

Marc Randazza, an attorney of Anglin’s, reiterated he is not coming back, yet arguing that he is ready to “willingly” accept a default judgment and then come to the US.

“The end result of that will be that the SPLC [the Southern Poverty Law Center] will get a piece of paper, my client will pay nothing and there won’t even be a decision on the legal merits, at least clarifying the law. Everyone loses,” Randazza said.

US neo-Nazi group rallies for ‘white power’

US neo-Nazi group rallies for ‘white power’Neo-Nazi protests and counter-protests have been held outside government buildings in the US state of Pennsylvania.

Anglin is accused of having anonymous internet trolls bombard the Montana real estate agent’s family.

The neo-Nazi website founder has, for his part, accused Tanya Gersh and other Jewish residents of Whitefish, Montana, of engaging in an “extortion racket” against the mother of a white nationalist.


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