More than 100 protesters were arrested during an anti-climate change demonstration in central London yesterday.

Read moreClimate protesters attack Shell HQ as London blockades continue

Police confirmed that a total of 113 arrests had been made at the Extinction Rebellion protest, the majority of which were for breach of the public order act or obstruction of the road.

Extinction Rebellion confirmed this morning that the group remained at four sites in London and claimed that two activists remained on the roof of Shell’s London headquarters.


Protesters blocked roads in central London (Source: Getty)

The number includes the arrest of three men and two women who were detained on suspicion of criminal damage outside Shell’s building in Belvedere Road, Lambeth.

Photos from yesterday’s demonstration show that windows and doors had been smashed at the oil giant’s London building, and property was defaced with graffiti reading “Shell kills”.


Activists have set up camp on the second day of the demonstration (Source: Getty)

The capital was brought to a standstill as activists gathered at Waterloo Bridge, Oxford Circus, Marble Arch and Parliament Square.

Read moreOxford Street brought to standstill by climate change protest

Officers imposed a Section 14 order on the protest at Marble Arch last night to prevent the demonstration from “causing ongoing serious disruption to the community”.

In a statement yesterday activists said: “Still our governments remain silent about the severity of the threat and still the industries that drive this collapse are free to pollute and to steal the future from our children with zero accountability.”


Protesters vandalised Shell’s London offices yesterday as police made 113 arrests (Source: Getty)

The London protest was part of a global day of action (Source: Getty)

Jayne Forbes of Extinction Rebellion said: “Extinction Rebellion calls on everyone, regardless of your political or religious or cultural beliefs, to join us as we peacefully disrupt for the future of humanity and for all life on earth.

Read moreOxford Street brought to standstill by climate change protest

“If even a small part of you is sitting at home wondering what to do about the climate and ecological emergency this is what we need to do. This is the best shot we have, we can’t get a new planet. Come to stay, book at least two weeks off work if you can, bring your tents and families.”


  • At 11am, Extinction Rebellion Youth will gather at Hyde Park Corner
  • Actor and writer Dame Emma Thompson: “It is time to stand up and Save Our Home. On Monday 15 April of this year, the International Rebellion will begin … It’s gonna be a lot of fun, but be prepared to stay. Because now’s the time to save the planet, as we all know there is no planet B. Be there.”
  • On Sunday 14 April, Earth Marchers that have been walking from Cardiff, Manchester, Brighton and Land’s End, will begin the last leg of their journey from Richmond Park at 9.30am to Hyde Park. All welcome to join them
  • At 7pm Sunday 14 April, Dr Rowan Williams will join people of all faiths and beliefs and none at St Paul’s Cathedral to honour those about to take part in  the International Rebellion in London and beyond. All invited
  • The London actions are part of the wider rebellion taking place across the UK and around the world, with Extinction Rebellion currently having 331 groups in 49 different countries.

Next week, the International Rebellion begins in the face of the inaction on the Climate and Ecological Emergency. People of all ages, backgrounds and political persuasions will be demanding the government takes immediate steps to avert global catastrophe. 

11am Monday 15 April – International Rebellion: London begins

From 11am Monday 15 April, with coaches and marchers coming from around the UK, thousands of people will converge on the capital at four of London’s busiest, most iconic locations – Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Waterloo Bridge and Parliament Square. There they will peacefully block traffic around the clock. There will be a full-scale festival of collective action and creative resistance with people’s assemblies, art actions, stage performances, talks, workshops, food and family spaces. 

Also that morning at 11am, Extinction Rebellion Youth will gather at Hyde Park Corner and make their way to Piccadilly Circus


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