Update of some very interesting viewer comments gratefully received



” As an expert Cult Investigator I can say that many Satanic underground groups are still very active in the USA and UK. These clandestine evil worshippers are highly trained in order not to be detected while abducting children for ritual sacrifices. The FBI and Interpol are well informed and aware of these horrific groups yet refuse to arrest and prosecute these menacing culprits! As such, I been involved in several search & rescue operations of victims along their repatriations to their family members. “


“When the Vatican goes so does the CIA because the Holy See is the head of the CIA.  Do you know where the CIA is headquartered? If you guessed Langley, Virginia you would be incorrect. That is just the US division. The HQ of the global CIA is in Geneva, Switzerland. At a secret (not so much any more) base under Lake Geneva.” 


Lordy, I have found my people! I had forty-two bullshit jobs, in fact my entire working life consisted of bullshit jobs. In the land before time, it was known as “job hopping” when you broke free from a bullshit job. “Wish I knew what I know now when I was younger—-“


“Not to sound flippant, but we could use some of your rain in Savannah right now. Seriously, would this be a good opportunity to re-visit the ethanol mandate? This is not a good time to be feeding corn to cars.Americans don’t know how good they have had it. Maybe they will come to appreciate our farmers more.”


This article falls for the campaign to confuse glyphosate with Roundup. Glyphosate is carcenogenic but the additives in Roundup (adjutants), many of which are still secret to the public, are many times worse and have been killing, maiming and causing birth deformities worldwide for a generation. Check out ‘Ignoring Adjuvant Toxicity Falsifies the Safety Profile..’ etc.


(911) “The nuke theory doesn’t explain how the towers disintegrated from the top ~ down, doesn’t explain William Rodriguez testimony that the first explosions started in the lower basement, doesn’t explain the NYFD testimonies and thermographic camera details or the continued spontaneous fires weeks after the towers fell or the evidence of the Mossad agents masquerading as artists who wired the upper floors or the testimony from the two survivors of WTC 7 and their multiple explosions…
Nano thermite does explain it and there are multiple scientific papers on the evidence found at ground zero. “




All of this for what? We support PKK in Syria to counter Iran (because Israel wants us to do so), losing Turkey to Russia in the process. I can’t tell if our politicians are a bunch of shallow-minded morons or they are actively working ON PURPOSE to break our hold in the middle-east.

How the FUCK are we going to contain either Russia or Iran without Turkey’s help??????????

How the FUCK are we going to have a control over Blacksea and Mediterranean without Turkey??????

Jesus fucking Christ I am so angry about this ultra-pro-Israel policies of ours.

Hopefully Trump the dick-face dies of cancer and we can have a new, not-a-brain-dead president.


I’m not wasting my time researching this, but you seem to really care so maybe you should
1. The International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels? Really? This is a PR group with an agenda, not a court of any real jurisdiction or substance.
2. A year of litigation – I guarantee that the Queen and Prince never showed, never responded and did not send their lawyers. So, maybe this “court” sent out a PR notice that was ignored for a year, but there was no litigation.
3. Broken Bones – If this mans bones were broken in the way he describes, it would actually be provable, there would be something that would show up on an x-ray as I’m sure he didn’t get the best medical care.
4. Most of these kids were orphaned by the violent, warring, cannibalistic, nomadic people who now call themselves things like “first nations” – like they were actually a nation. I must have missed their great cities, public systems (schools, roads, sewers). We need to abandon the myth of these people.

When Columbus arrived on the shores of North America the Europeans had developed (at a minimum) ships that could sail the oceans, navigation (including the metallurgy necessary to make a sextant), architecture and building skills that resulted in the thousands of buildings, hundreds of cathedrals and stadiums, thousands of miles of roads, ports, firearms, etc., etc… What would you think if you met a group of people living in a structure that consisted of sticks and a animal hide? Their most advanced weapon was a bow and arrow, something the Europeans had perfected hundreds of years before. They hadn’t mastered horses, the Spanish hadn’t brought those to the new world yet. But some of them had peyote!


You obviously have no clues as to what an “AMERICAN” really is.


Trump would not want such a war on American soil is probably why he sent the Bombers to Europe… Someday it might back fire on him… and others as they have around him will really suffer. I hope that dont happen.`Good post haven`t heard a thing in the news.


According to the “incompetent” Portuguese detective assigned to the Maddie McCann case, the British mi5 knows what happened to her, but they are obviously covering it up. I wonder which masonic serpent spawn they are protecting. This child sacrifice thing isn’t new.


gave me a giggle.


I think you have some good historical info here but I bristle a bit at the implication. Why? Because no faith should be blamed for radical elements within. I just think that no nation, culture, or people group can be boiled down to a monolithic viewpoint. Don’t think you mean to say this, but it could easily get taken wrong.
My dad, of Polish Jewish descent, thought that BOTH the Nazis and the Bolsheviks despised the observant Jews of Poland. He felt the Bolsheviks saw themselves as superior to their observant brothers and sisters because of their beliefs were “scientific”. Subsequently, the Jewish faithful were hit by a Nazi tidal wave, and then a Marxist drawback wave.

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