UFO Pic June 19, 2019


Hello paranormal community. I haven’t posted anything for a bit, but this week we have a post I am very excited to share. A couple of days ago on June 19, 2019, Paranormal UFO Group member Sora, was photographing very stormy skies in her native Hungary, and she captured a UFO.

storm pic 2Storm pic 1She did not notice the UFO until later when she was reviewing the pics on her laptop. She was surprised to find the odd shaped object, in the pic below. She says at the time she was photographing, there was nothing in the sky but the clouds.


Reviewing the picture, there is no clear indication what this object might be. It is oddly shaped, small and seemingly at a distance. There is no clear or obvious
photographic anomalies visible. In group chat, there is no consensus which might explain this unidentified object. By every definition, this exciting pic is that of…

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