Turn the tide

Sylver is a Belgian vocal trance and europop group, which originally consists of lead vocalist Silvy De Bie (born 4 January 1981) and keyboardist/songwriter Wout Van Dessel (born 19 October 1974). They were active between 2000 until 2014, when De Bie decided to focus on her solo career, but returned in 2016.

Their debut single Turn the tide was immediately a hit and became the number one in the official ultratop dance charts and the singles top 50. And the success started spreading quickly ! After the Netherlands, they conquered Germany and other European countries, going as far as China in 2008!

Silvy and Wout Van Dessel

The producers of the project are two Belgian guys, who proved already a lot in the Belgian dance-world: Wout Van Dessel en Regi Penxten. Wout Van Dessel is known for his outstanding remixes and is also one of the resident DJ’s of discotheque Illusion in Lier. Regi Penxten is the face and together with Philip Vandueren , the brains behind another successful Belgian project, namely Milk Inc.

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Silvy De Bie

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