Epstein Connection to CIA and DynCorp

Jeffrey Epstein, the CIA, Dyncorps, & N-number N474AW

By Daniel Hopsicker -July 12, 201942580

I received a query from a concerned citizen yesterday,  about a subject many find as fascinating as 19 tons of cocaine. Who knows? The two subjects may well be shown to intersect.

“I know you know about tail #’s and the confusing FAA. What do you make of suspected #Epstein plane sharing the same tail # (N474AW) as plane registered to St. Dept & DynCorp?”

She enclosed a headline, which read: “Aircraft N-number N474AW shared by Jeffrey Epstein, DynCorp, the State Department and the CIA.”

After a brief investigation, I replied: The government knows far more about the owner of a 20-year old VW van than they do about ownership of $40 million Gulfstream luxury jets, an increasing number of which are owned by dummy LLC’s located offshore.”

I believe the confusion is deliberate. I believe the FAA has been thoroughly compromised by the CIA. 


That said, here’s your answer. “‘N’ numbers are a moveable feast.  They’re often re-assigned. 

A quick search showed: N474AW was orginally registered to a US light attack and observation aircraft. This is likely the plane being identified as being owned by DynCorp or the CIA.  The pilot ejected and the plane crashed in Feb 2000. The plane was destryed. 

“Then in 2010 the same ‘N’ number was RE-assigned to a Cessna P210 belonging to Centurion Aviation in Ada MI, which apparently still owns it. It’s a 6-seater. (see pic.)

There’s no room for a couch.


Again: I believe the confusion is deliberate. The FAA sucks. You can do the search yourself here:  https://bit.ly/2Gc6t6T

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