Smoke Detectors are Secretly Spying On Us!

Very good information from a patriot researcher who has uncovered a shocking truth!  Every smoke detector sold since 2001 is a spy hub for the government!    

The researcher says the Snowden documents contained the information about the smoke detectors which is the spy hub for everything!   The smoke detector puts out microwaves on special government run frequencies that can penetrate walls far better than normal wifi!  

What does this mean?  If this is true and I’m sure it is, then you smoke detector can be accessed by cell phone towers and satellite to give anybody a detailed view of everything going on in your house!  

All computers, tablets, phones and smart appliances talk to the smoke detector seamlessly which relays all the information to the cell phone towers and satellites!

I always wondered why the CIA director bragged about how your dishwasher would be listening to you when the dishwashers weren’t connected to wifi.  Well it turns out that all smart appliances (probably all of them) phones, computers, TVs, tablets etc are constantly talking to the smoke detectors which relay all the information back to the government!   So even if you have no internet, computers or TVs in the house, your land line phones and anything else with a chip is talking to the smoke detector!   I’ll bet even if you had no power  to your house and pulled the battery, they could fire a microwave beam at your house from space to remotely power the smoke detector and other devices with chips and hear and see you!   This is far worse than we knew!   This is how any computer can be hacked  even if it’s not connected to the Internet!  I think this is a big secret revealed here and it connects the dots.  I also like how the researcher tied it in with how ridiculous it is that all this spying is going on to “keep us safe” they would say but of course they are dumping fluoride in the water to dumb us down.  It’s all a big fraud of course!  

Get the word out patriots and share the good stories you enjoy at – totally uncensored truth!

Published by technofiend1

Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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