Today Monday, 29-7-2019, and 3,40 am, after being hit with electromagnetic radiation weapons all day and night, by: the traitor and killer agent: “Michael Georges”, Michael Gerges, who lives in the apartment Which is just above my apartment, i.e. on the third floor in my building, I heard him speak and loud with the head of his gang: The American spy who works in the CIA: Taha Ibrahim Ạlmḥmd aka Abu Ahmed, (Taha Ibrahim Al Mohammad) .

Also known as Abu Ahmad, located in the ạlạbjwr apartment in the building opposite to my building with the old woman living, I heard them talking about the relatively large and heavy ground weapon, of the types of electromagnetic radiation weapons placed on the ground to kill the victim downstairs I am a heart attack, the killer agents who are in this apartment: Semih Georges (Samih Gerges), his wife Silva Georges (Sylva Gerges), and their oldest son: Michael Georges (Michael Gerges), and their youngest son: Johnny Georges (Johny Gerges) ), and their daughter: Amanda Georges (Amanda Gerges).

I heard the talk between the killer criminal: Michael Georges (Michael Gerges), and the leader of his spy and traitor gang: Taha Ibrahim Al-Mohammad and al-alias as “Abu Ahmad” (Abu Ahmad), about the place of the placement of this radiation weapon Internationally and locally forbidden ground magnetic, located in their apartment, on my heart in my sleeping place downstairs, to kill me by electromagnetic waves in my sleep.

Today Monday, July-29-2019, at 3:40 a.m, and after I was attacked with Directed Energy Weapons all day and all night, by the Gang Stalker and murder : “Michael Gerges “, who lives directly above mine, which is the third floor of my building (I live on the second floor), I heard him talking loudly with his Chief of Gang Stalkers, who was an American Spy who works for the CIA : Taha Ibrahim Al Mohammad, known as “Abu Ahmad “, who works from the first floor in the building in front of my building, where an old woman live there . 

“Michael Gerges “ and his Chief of Gang Stalkers and an American Spy : “Taha Ibrahim Al Mohammad” known as “Abu Ahmad “ were talking loudly about where to place a heavy Directed Energy Weapons that is put on the floor and sends its Radiation downward to the floor below where I live to kill me with a HEART ATTACK.

And this third floor live in it all the following perpetrators and murderers :
– Samih Gerges.
– Sylva Gerges.
– Michael Gerges.
– Johny Gerges.
– Amanda Gerges.
I heard the discussion between the Gang Stalker “Michael Gerges “ and his criminal boss : Taha Ibrahim Al Mohammad (also known as Abu Ahmad ) about where to place the relatively heavy Directed Energy Weapons on the floor that “Michael Gerges “ and his family have in their third floor apartment, to kill me using Electromagnetic Waves while asleep, with a HEART ATTACK .

ليوم الإثنين المصادف ٢٩-٧-٢٠١٩، والساعة : ٣،٤٠ صباحآ، وبعد أن ضُربت بالأسلحة الشعاعيّة الكهرومغناطيسيّة طوال اليوم والليل، من قِبل : العميل الخائن والقاتل : “مايكل جرجس” ، (Michael Gerges )، الذي يسكن في الشقة التي هي فوق شقتي تمامآ، أي في الطابق الثالث في بنايتي، سمعته يتحدث وبصوت مرتفع مع رئيس عصابته : الجاسوس الأمريكي الذي يعمل في المخابرات المركزية الأمريكية ال CIA : طه إبراهيم ا

A directed-energy weapon is a ranged weapon that damages its target with highly focused energy, including laser, microwaves and particle beams. Potential applications of this technology include weapons that target personnel, missiles, vehicles, and optical devices.

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Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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