• One of the most effective ways to take-over a country is by infiltrating a country’s economic system. No longer is it necessary to launch missiles, or threaten a military invasion, unless a particular country is NOT already under New World Order control.

The United States financial system a.k.a. Wall Street is under complete control by at least two foreign government intelligence services with the ability to gain insider trading tips from intelligence sources within the corporate infrastructure. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE…….

Foreign students enter America’s [Socialist] colleges and learn every aspect of America’s marketing system and take that knowledge back to their country, while many stay in the U.S. as exceptional students….recruited by major corporations, and many are recruited by foreign intelligence services.

I believe it was CIA Robert David Steele that made the statement: “America’s enemy is not [only] China but in-fact the U.K. and Israel(sic).”

From Leonce (“Down Under”) an avid Bertrand Daily Report follower and an Honorable Member of the…..

Electors’ Parliaments of Australia, provides us today with a report created by Johnny Vedmore, a well known musician artist in the U.K. and a political researcher, has opened another can-of-worms about Epstein’s connection to Israeli Intelligence, MI-6, and the CIA.


 Mossad Agent Nicole Junkermann

We could construe from Vedmore’s report….a well known world investor named Nicole Junkermann….a known secret agent of Mossad and connections to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) might be Epstein’s Mossad “Handler” for projecting Epstein’s [fake] billionaire status worldwide, but in-fact he is a mid-level millionaire that played a major role in various financial markets and provided persuasion money / donations originating out of the U.K. and Israel [coffers] from likely those within the Zionist Rothschild circle(s). 

Influencing other [billionaires] with insider trading secrets derived from the intelligence agencies, but managed by Nicole Junkermann……not withstanding (possible) blackmail tactics of which Epstein managed via his recordings and introductions to underage girls and boys, the entire Epstein operation has many legs and they all lead to a worldwide operation for world dominance of markets, politicians, and corporate leaders thru blackmail and intelligence.

President Trump is NOT part of the Deep State’s attempt to overthrow the United States by any means necessary, be it massive uncontrolled illegal immigration as Europe is experiencing, promoted by the same Deep State players in western intelligence agencies representing foreign interests, nor is Trump promoting an economic take-over, but is in-fact going after the Deep State while Epstein is the “Keystone.”

“Q” has told us many times, [We Have It All] [We Know Everything].

The repercussions could very well reach the boiling point and [False Flag] events are coming and predicted. 

Diversion from those facing arrests and intel released by AG Barr and IG Horowitz soon will be softened and lied about by fakestream media. (WE) together with several others in the Patriot Movement are giving you a heads-up as to what can be expected.

This is not the time to roll-over and go back to sleep, but to stay vigilant, informed and knowledgeable in-order to fend-off those that rely on CNN and MSNBC types. 

When THEY call you a “racist” for supporting Trump, and that’s all they have as an argument….you then know you are winning the narrative.

—Dave Bertrand

The Richie Allen Show – Thursday July 18th 2019 (Interview With Johnny Vedmore)

Epstein Associate Nobody’s Talking About: The IDF-Linked Bond Girl Infiltrating the UK NHS

before it’s news

Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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