Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes In Vaccines - All Found Dead!

Holistic doctors who found that vaccines had cancer enzymes in them have all be found dead, and the cause was said to be suicide. The deaths of the doctors did leave the medical community speechless because they had been researchers who had been working on a new breakthrough cure for cancer.

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Doctor Was Found Dead in River with Gunshot Wound to Chest

Dr. James Bradstreet is a renowned specialist in autism, and he had been looking into the enzyme before his premature death in July 2015. The body of Bradstreet had been found floating in a river in North Carolina, and a post-mortem revealed he had died from a gunshot wound to his chest. It was said that the doctor might have been murdered due to the controversial research he was conducting. Bradstreet along with his colleagues found out that nagalase was compromising the immune system and it was thought that it was being introduced into the body by way of vaccines.

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What about the Other Suspicious Deaths of Doctors?

Various reports from Florida and other U.S. locations reveal that a number of alternative health doctors have been found dead or have gone missing without a trace. These events have occurred during the month that separated the deaths of Dr. Bradstreet and Dr. Gonzalez — June 19th through July 21st. [16]

Disinformation websites have already popped up and have begun to paint pictures in the mind of readers that all this is coincidence and the deaths of these nine doctors had nothing to do with their work. They insist that these events are all unrelated.

The available information about the other deaths is limited. It is hard to judge those situations, because the information about the work of these doctors and their deaths or disappearances is sketchy.

One thing, however, is true – these events create an image in the minds of alternative healthcare providers and their patients that we are entering into a new era of concern, where death may be a real consequence for those who dare to speak out in opposition to big pharma, the dominant conventional healthcare system, and the U.S. regulatory system that is controlled by international mega corporations.

Conventional Media Sources Specialize in Cursing Dead Doctors They Brand as “Quacks”

Conventional media reports of Dr. Bradstreet’s death paint a picture of quackery. They quickly apply the label “paranoid” to anyone who raises questions about the possibility of murder and conspiracy concerning his death and the growing list of dead doctors.

There is clear reason to be concerned. We are now living in an time when the pharmaceutical industry has just about taken total control over the healthcare system, just as the chemical industry has just about seized control over the food supply. How long will it be until the most vocal opponents to corporate domination of healthcare are simply driven out of the United States, or simply silenced under mysterious circumstances? It is a time for alternative minded doctors to become more vocal, and not to be silenced out of fear. It is a time for patients and their doctors to speak the truth about how our conventional healthcare system is killing far more people than it is helping.

A New Day for Health and Healing

There are some people who may not be affected by the nagalase in vaccines. However, for the majority, this substance is suppressing their immune system each time they receive a vaccine. [17] Some infants and children develop autism spectrum disorders as a result, and other children and adults develop cancer.

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