Whaley Bridge dam collapse in pictures

  • 2 hours ago
Helicopter drops supplies
Image captionSandbags are being dropped to shore up the dam

Emergency work is under way to repair the Toddbrook Reservoir dam in Derbyshire after it was damaged by heavy rain.

About 1,500 residents were evacuated from Whaley Bridge on Thursday evening amid fears they were in “mortal danger”.

Engineers pumped water out of the reservoir in an attempt to stop up to 300 million gallons of water bursting through the damaged dam.

An RAF Chinook is flying in repair materials to shore up the dam and dropping 400 tonnes of aggregate to stop more water getting in.

Helicopter flies in over reservoir
Image captionEfforts are being made to release water from the reservoir while also shoring up the dam
Chinook hovers over dam
Image captionThe operation has been under way all day
Helicopter flies in over misty valley
Image captionThe helicopter has been at the scene since 05:00 BST
People and a dog watch the helicopter repair
Image captionPolice, the Environment Agency and the Canal and River Trust have all said there is a “real risk” the dam could collapse
View of the dam from the top
Image captionPart of the reservoir’s spillway broke away on Thursday
The collapsed dam
Image captionEngineers feared Whaley Bridge could be swamped if the Toddbrook Reservoir burst
Aerial view of dam
Image captionHeavy rain caused damage to the dam
The collapsed dam
Image captionMost residents were evacuated on Thursday
Emergency workers in Whaley Bridge
Image captionResidents were asked to gather in the neighbouring town of Chapel-en-le-Frith
Toddbrook Reservoir
Image captionThe dam was built in 1831 and holds 300 million gallons of water
Emergency workers in Whaley Bridge
Image captionTeams worked overnight to try to stop the dam from breaking
Whaley Bridge
Image captionWhaley Bridge town centre was said to be like a ghost town after residents and business people left
General view of the village
Image captionThe timescale for repairing the dam is not yet known
Presentational grey line

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