The US request to build a “coalition” against Iran in the Persian Gulf has been met with either silence or rejection, including a blunt “no” from Germany, the New York Times reports.

The United States and Britain have been shopping for support from Asian and European allies to corner Iran in the Strait of Hormuz, a vital passage way for global oil supplies.

The Trump administration has pledged to bring Iran’s vital oil exports down to zero, but the shipments have continued to reach major customers, especially in Asia. 

Tensions in the Persian Gulf flared up after a series of suspicious attacks on oil tankers, following the US deployment of a new naval group and B-52 bombers to the region amid claims of unspecified Iranian threats. 

PressTV-No proof Iran hit tankers: UAE rebuffs US-Saudi claims

PressTV-No proof Iran hit tankers: UAE rebuffs US-Saudi claimsThe UAE says investigations into recent tanker attacks in the Sea of Oman were not enough to convincingly blame them on any country.

The UK waded into the standoff by seizing an Iranian oil supertanker off Gibraltar at the US request, according to local officials. Iran responded by detaining a UK-flagged oil tanker in the Persian Gulf.   

Many other European leaders, however, have worked to keep their distance from President Donald Trump and his policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran to avoid being seen as aiding that policy, the New York Times reported. 

The US is trying to project its campaign as a bid to secure the Persian Gulf, but “the Europeans argue that Washington created the problem in the first place by trying to kill off Iran’s oil exports”, the paper said.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last week called on Japan, Britain, France, Germany, South Korea, Australia and other nations to join a maritime force to patrol the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran: Deployment of European force to PG will be hostile

Iran: Deployment of European force to PG will be hostileIran says the deployment of a European naval mission to the Persian Gulf would convey a “hostile message” and would fuel regional tensions.

On Wednesday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that his country would not be joining the Americans. Spanish El Confidencial newspaper, citing an informed diplomatic source, also said Madrid had “no intention of participating in a mission led by the US in Hormuz”.

Neither have France, Italy nor Sweden responded favorably to Britain’s suggestion of a European escort force, separate from the Americans, even after Iran seized the British-flagged tanker.

“Germany will not take part in the naval mission proposed and planned by the United States,” Maas said.

“We are in close coordination with our French partners. We consider the ‘maximum pressure’ strategy to be wrong. We do not want a further military escalation; we will continue to focus on diplomacy.”

On Friday, Japan’s Mainichi newspaper cited unidentified government sources as saying that Tokyo had decided not to deploy any warship to the Persian Gulf. 

As its key Asian ally and a major regional naval power, Washington is keen for Japan to play a major role in its proposed maritime force.

Japan’s government would likely face opposition at home to any military venture that could put its Self Defense Forces in harm’s way or threaten the well being of Japanese living in Iran.

“The refusals have underscored the divergent policies toward Iran and are aggravating distrust and resentment on both sides,” the New York Times said.

PressTV-Germany will not join US-led Persian Gulf patrol force

PressTV-Germany will not join US-led Persian Gulf patrol forceGermany’s foreign minister says it won’t join a US-led mission to protect international shipping near Iranian waters in the Persian Gulf.

“The Trump administration has put us in a situation where everybody is talking of a risk of war, of creeping escalation,” Volker Perthes, director of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin, said.  

“We won’t do anything that doesn’t go in that direction. A coalition that would look like it was directed against Iran would not be likely to reduce tensions,” said an adviser to the French defense minister.


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Abdullah-Happy to see that the international community is responding with sense of responsibility

Mirror-the Most Disappointed by this News would be Bibi Netanyahu and his Colleagues in America

Missy-Iran had better not believe these deceptive titles bec Iran shld know better. we wd love to think US is alone and aloof but the reality is that the alliance already exists and thye show of theatrics By germany and other liars pretending to refuse is well thought out. this is how they play it out ( my famous phrase), gradual and secret collusion while they deny it and pretend to oppose bec they know their acts are illegal and wrong. but iran shld make no mistake, any force fighting iran and syria and hizbollah already has in it 20 nationalities at least from officlal armies of france, israel, germany (especially the liar and colonised germany), italy, denamrk, sweden, austarlia, nee zealand, canada, morocco, pakis, india, turkey, tunisia, egypt, sudan, jordan, primitive sauds and UAE….. this alliance already exists everywhere whether applied on the ground or over the sea. i wd not want iran to deceive itself by thinking it is only fighting US and israel, when another 30 countries at least act as mercenaries for israel and US. I am sure iran knows this and i dont have to prove it. this civilised deliberate oblivion by iran to this fact is not very helpful. on the contrary, bec US/israel know that iran knows, they consider iran is defeated and is denying or delaying its defeat. I wd rather see iran acting with full awarenss and declaring these facts instead of hiding its head in the sand. if i say that the whole planet is against Iran, i do not insinuate that iran is wrong by vote. Iran is definitely right and they are only cheap bought out dishonoured slaves and know they are wrong. this is exactly why their acts of collusion have to be in secret.

IronFist> Missy-You forgot mention your beloved INDIA and also that you will be commander of these forces.

Jack Fierce-They (west) all together have no chance in the straight of Hormuz with Iran. 
Fully armed with advanced indigenous arm ( they can distinguish between a pray ( A fight with American on board) and a so called advance drone!, claimed by the US that you can’t see it, but it was shot down) and mix this with some very determined people who are not keen on the US to start with, they can make it long and very painful for the US and the rest. 
Try diplomacy with respect that will creat results and perhaps a good one.

J.J._Israel_Is_an_Apartheid_Country-I guess these U.S. “Allies” do not want to try to start a War with Iran for Apartheid Israel and it’s Backer The U.S.A.

Sand> J.J._Israel_Is_an_Apartheid_Country-The US allies – the known wicked, deceitful, and oppressive bodies, and the master looters of the land, resources, and the invaluable historical items of the other nations should be watched 24 hours a day. “No trust” is the best kind of trust to this gang.

mejust a thought-Outrageous, Unacceptable in a “Normal” World, but since the Zionists (Satan’s worshippers) have decided to put the World up side down, such stupidity becomes very plausible.

VICTORY-This proves that now Iran owns the strait with no contender, it is up to Iran to close it to end the sanctions.

Abdul-Europe does not need to be led into another war, sending Europe into chaos.

Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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