Victoria Cunningham, a woman who has been declared missing in the Algarve after failing to get on her flight at Faro airport on 5 August, may have been sighted in Olhos de Água

According to a post on social media by her brother John Whaite, known for his win on the Great British Bake Off 2012, “Victoria was last seen this morning (August 6th) in the Olhos de Àgua / Albufeira area. She can’t be too far away from there now”.

Whaite has shared updates on his Facebook and Twitter feeds calling for information regarding the disappearance of his sister in the Algarve.

He writes on Facebook: “My sister, Victoria Cunningham, has gone missing from Faro Airport. We are all concerned for her welfare and just want to get her home safely. If anyone sees her please let us know where, and if anyone talks to her please tell her that her family love her and want her home”.

In a timeline published by Whaites on Twitter, he states that Victoria was seen on Saturday, at 11.05am when she was “unable to board her flight due to a breakdown and intoxication (linked to depression and PMDD)” where her boyfriend then left her.

On Monday afternoon she was then due to board flight 7194 and was left by police at check in when she then absconded without her passport or any money her brother continues.

olhos de água

“Apparently she headed towards a petrol station in Faro, leaving the airport trying to take a can of coke w/o payment (can therefore assume no money). My other sister Jane and friend Chris are flying out now to try and find her.”

In his most recent tweets John Whaite says: “Yes she dumped her own passport. Yes she was intoxicated. Yes the Portuguese police have said they don’t have to look for her unless she commits a crime. But she has a history of mental illness and suicide risk, This behaviour stems from diagnosis of depression and PMDD)

“She is vulnerable and poses a risk only to herself. Family worried sick.”

The British Embassy Lisbon posted today on their Facebook page a missing persons alert for Victoria stating that she was “last seen on Monday 5 August, on her way to the fuel station outside the airport, having failed to make her flight”.

The statement added: “Victoria is a vulnerable person, who may pose a danger to herself, but not others. Her family are very worried about her welfare”.

If anyone see’s Victoria they are asked to call the PSP (Police) at Faro Airport on (+351) 289 800 688 or the British Vice Consulate in Portimão on (+351) 282 490 750.

Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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