New South Wales police have hailed members of the public who restrained a knife-wielding man as heroes. The man was taken into custody after allegedly wounding one woman and trying to randomly stab others on the streets of Sydney’s central business district. Another woman has been found dead in an apartment nearby.

(photo above one of the British trio who apprehended the madman)

Lee Cuthbert, Paul O’Shaughnessy and Luke O’Shaughnessy, all from Manchester, were working in the area when they heard the man attempting to stab several people outside, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mr Cuthbert told the Australian paper: “We had a window open to get some air in and then we just heard the commotion … we looked out and saw him on top of a car, wielding a knife, and we all just kind of reacted from there.

Superintendent Gavin Wood from NSW police told reporters: ‘A number of members of the public physically restrained the offender. I want to acknowledge those members of the public who got involved. They were significantly brave people’

Screengrab taken with permission from a video issued by 7 News of a man being tackled with a milk crate and chairs by members of the public in Sydney

Screengrab from a video issued by 7 News of a man being tackled with a milk crate and chairs by members of the public in Sydney

New South Wales (NSW) Police Superintendent Gavin Wood praised the actions of the trio from Manchester and other bystanders who restrained the alleged offender, calling them “heroes”.  

“They were brave and I can only use that word seriously — they were significantly brave people,” he said. 

Speaking on an official trip to London, the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said her thoughts and prayers were the victims of this attack.  

“I also want to acknowledge the very brave passersby who obviously tried to intervene and our thoughts are with the victims and everyone who witnessed this horrific incident,” she said.

The injured woman, 41, who was stabbed in the back in a “random attack”, remains in a stable condition in Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital.  The motivation for the rampage is not yet known. 


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison tweeted that the “violent attack” was “deeply concerning”. 

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