In what could have been passed off as ‘an heroic act’ or even a misdemeanour has ended a good man’s life , thanks to British meanness.

Outstanding service means next-to-nothing here in England, since Mrs Thatcher screwed British workers and Trade Unions. Even in a ‘developed’ country (apparently the 5th richest in the world) that situation has not been redressed or revoked since back in 1979. Small wonder that some youth are not at all tempted by modern British employment, where it’s simply a one-way street for the Rich to exploit the poor. In England one is expected to commit heart and soul (pushing all concerns about your family and friends aside) and concentrate in making money for them. The rich ruthless corporations and the heartless capitalist former colonial classes running their small and medium ‘enterprises’. No wonder we have unrest in this country when you are expected (like a dog) to freely give all your loyalty and in return you get back next-to-nothing (a bare minimum wage to help you family with costs). The lower strata of British employment should be completely overhauled to match these space age times not left back in Charles’ Dickens’s poorhouse. These people continuing to grow rich on the backs of the poor ought to be ashamed, but they’re not!

It made me very very angry to read the following article, and all that repressed anger (which appears to have no place in modern Britain – for it resembles a totalitarian state) for they object if you merely ‘raise your voice’ or venture forth any opinion not aligned with their greed enterprises and casino capitalism.

Long live the revolution inside the British people’s republic !

Here is the article that doth so offend…Tesco’s should bloody well apologise and make amends (compensation) to this man’s family – Enough is enough !!

(The article)

Monday 12 Aug 2019

‘Tesco worker killed himself after being sacked for leaving till to chase shoplifter’

A ‘dedicated’ checkout worker took his own life after being fired from Tesco where he had worked for 17 years. Shaun Winstanley, 49, was found dead just days after being told he would not be getting his job back despite appealing against being sacked. An inquest heard that Shaun’s mental health declined significantly after being held at gunpoint during a robbery at Tesco Express in Highfield Road, Blackpool.

He was offered five counselling sessions and was transferred to other branches, an inquest heard. But then he spotted a shoplifter who he chased, resulting in him being sacked as a result of ‘unreasonable behaviour’ because he allegedly endangered himself and a customer.

On January 14 this year he was sacked, he appealed on February 6, and was found dead a week later on February 13 at his home in the town having suffocated himself. His step-daughter said he had dedicated his life to the supermarket and was devastated at being sacked.

His stepdaughter Siobhan Winstanley, 28, told an inquest at Blackpool Town Hall she wrote to Tesco about the incident but they said the matter was now closed. She said the family was still struggling to come to terms with his death.

She said: ‘We feel maybe if we go into the Highfield Road shop he’s going to be there. But he’s not going to be there, because he’s not here any more

‘I am angry at Tesco. We have got our father in an urn in our living room. I sit there every morning with my coffee and look at him and wonder maybe if things had been different he would still be here. ‘I think there needs to be an awareness of mental health and I think employers need to be doing right by their employees.

‘I could try to take them [Tesco] to tribunal but anything they could give me wouldn’t be good enough. It would be blood money. I don’t want money. I want my dad back. An inquest heard that he was fired for ‘unreasonable behaviour’ after chasing a shoplifter .

‘Seventeen years he gave them and when he needed them most they let him down. After 17 years, they sent him off without even a “bye”.’

Her father was offered five counselling sessions after the robbery but his mental health declined..He was transferred from the Highfield Road branch to shops in Bispham and Poulton. Siobhan said he was not initially offered any time off but was disciplined for missing three shifts following the robbery.

She said: ‘He said he was struggling to sleep. He was very anxious. He was very depressed. ‘He was struggling at work. He didn’t have a social life any more because it had taken him back that much.’ He was held at gunpoint in May last year and his health appeared to deteriorate significantly .

Coroner Clare Doherty recorded a conclusion of suicide. She said: ‘It was apparent that his employment was not going to be restored and he was devastated by that. He was an employee for 17 years and had won an award in the past for being a good employee.

‘Mr Winstanley had suffered a marked mental deterioration last summer while at work he had witnessed at armed robbery. ‘He was very affected by it and he had counselling from his employer and help from another agency called Supporting Minds.

‘It does appear that he had fragile mental health and these events have caused a deterioration.’

A spokesman for Tesco said: ‘The welfare and safety of our colleagues is of utmost importance to us and we were extremely sad to hear about the death of Mr Winstanley. ‘Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on individual circumstances relating to our colleagues.’ (rubbish)




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