There are so many so I’m just going to quickly cover some of the worst for different reasons.

There’s quite a bit of reading for each one, so feel free to just look at the pictures and read the main facts for each one. However I put a lot of work into this so probably give it a read and an upvote anyway.


There are a few aviation incidents that I believe everybody should remember the flight number of. This is one of them. Air France flight 4590 is more commonly referred to as ‘the Concorde crash’, because it is the only accident involving a Concorde in active revenue service.

You might of seen this photo, taken a few seconds before the previous image^

AF4590 goes on my list of worst plane crashes not because of fatalities, but because it was (economically) both the best and worst crash ever. Why? Because this was one of the last ever times a Concorde flew. As soon as the crash occurred, the only two airlines to actually buy this aircraft (British Airways and Air France) started retiring them. There are so many stories and theories as to why the Concorde stopped flying, but this was pretty much it. You can’t ignore it.

After the crash, British Airways and Air France knew that passengers weren’t going to fly on an insanely expensive jet that already looked risky after one had crashed. By the way, it killed all on board when it was flying at a normal speed. You’re kidding yourself if you think that anyone could survive a crash at twice the speed of sound. Seriously, I don’t know why that thing even had safety cards.

AF4590 also pretty much killed all SSTs (Super Sonic Transport) forever. Yes, Boom and Spike (and that other one, Aerotime or whatever it’s called) are planning on making them. But they probably won’t ever fly commercially, or at least not on the scale of the Concorde.

At the same time as Concorde was flying with AF and BA, a few Russian airlines started flying something called the Concordski. “wow, that sounds like the Russians just copied the Concorde lol” I hear you say. Well son,

you’re not wrong.

This is the Tupolev TU-144D “Concordski”, the aircraft which apparently was designed using stolen Concorde plans from Aerospataile.

Soon after flight 4590, the TU-144 also saw the end of it’s days due to bans on passenger aircraft breaking the speed of sound. Admittedly, that was probably going to happen anyway. The TU-144 crashed into residential buildings at an airshow on it’s first flight.


The Tenerife Airport Disaster

This crash is widely regarded as the worst because of the amount of people it killed. the Tenerife Airport Disaster killed 583 people, more than any single incident combined (Septmber 11th was technically a collection of several crashes, however I’ll discuss it later).

The incident occurred when two 747s (a KLM 747–200B and a PanAm 747–100) hit each other on the runway at Tenerife airport, hence the name.

KLM, the world’s oldest airline, was the one that hit the other. Not the one at fault (although if we were to play the ‘blame game’ then they might end up that way), the one that crashed into the other one.

Pan American Airlines, which has since gone bankrupt, was operating the 741 that the KLM hit. It’s pretty confusing, but just Google it and you’ll understand what happened.

This, the next crash, and AF4590 are the three most signifigant crashes ever. They caused massive change throughout the industry, to an almost incomprehendable scale. The Tenerife Airport Disaster, in particular, caused a lot of change.

One of the main factors was lack of responsibility. The KLM was told to wait at the end of the runway, while the PanAm crossed it. The KLM pilot then got impatient and decided to take off anyway. The first officer (the co-pilot) tried to stop him, but back then the pilot had all the control.

After the crash, equal control was given to all (back then three, but now it’s usually two) people in the cockpit.


The September 11th Attacks

The September 11th attacks, informally known as “9/11”, were a collection of plane crashes as a result of hijacked aircraft. This is a very sensitive topic for some people, so I’ll only briefly discuss it.

A few things before I begin:

  1. 9/11 will never be a ‘meme’. I myself, like most people, enjoy a good meme now and then, but this is not funny. At all. And it never will be.
  2. Due to the sensitivity of this topic, I will not discuss why it happened in detail. I’ll just underline its signifigance.
  3. Please, no comments about how you feel that I’m a bad person because I mentioned this event. I know it’s tragic, but I cannot undo it. I can only inform people of it.

Now that they’re all sorted out, here’s basically why it’s important:

The September 11th attacks were a mass terrorist attack, on a scale that this planet had never seen before. They involved the hijacking and intentional crash of four aircraft: two 767–200ERs, and two 757–200s. No, there was no 747s ever involved in 9/11. That is a myth.

The thing I find really strange, aside from the coordination of the crashes, is that there was two airlines involved: American Airlines and United Airways. And each crash for each airline had one 767–200ER, and one 757–200.

The (obvious) reason I included 9/11 was because of how many fatalities there were, and because of its signifigance in our modern day culture.

Now, you can’t walk into KLAX with a knife in your hands. You will be taken down by several large security guards.

A lot has changed, some for the better, some not so much.


Asiana 214

Okay on initial inspection, this seems like another plane crash. Which, once again, is never funny and shouldn’t be made into a joke. But from what I’ve heard, this is one of the dumbest crashes ever.

Basically the aircraft was trying to land in San Francisco, in perfect conditions. Bear that in mind.

Then, the Boeing 777–200ER started to drop its altitude way too fast.

The plane hit the seawall at the end of the runway. At a large international airport. It hit a wall at the end of the runway.

Then, it crashed like, perfectly, with an outstanding survival ratio (only 3 casualties).

Finally, that photo above isn’t before it “burst into flames” or anything. It stayed that way.

Apparently a firefighter who went inside said that the first class seats were “pristine” before the fire broke out.

No fuel was even ignited, the only fire was from oil leaking onto the hot engine!

What a weird crash.

Anyway, here’s just some crashes I thought were signifigant in human history. Feel free to add any more.

Lachie Smith, (Qantas pilot) I’ve flown on half of Qantas’ 747 fleet and in most cockpits

Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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