911 was a ‘pearl harbor’ style event

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Many good reports and articles have been made and written about Nine Eleven showing clearly that the official narrative about the terrible event is a hoax from A to Z. Here is a brilliant compilation of many, many aspects of the tragedy which has rightfully to be called an Inside JOB:


Interestingly there are often disturbances with the video. You´ll have to recover the site and go to the part where the film stopped. I can hardly believe the disturbances are accidental! Don´t let that frustrate you, it´s worth watching till the end.

But nothing is perfect and a few important points are missing

There is the question of the preknowledge in stockmarket Transactions:


Before Nine Eleven 2.3 Trillion $ missing before Nine Eleven:

The strange „Odigo Story“ by Haaretz:


The parasitic insight of MOSSAD into Nine Eleven is misguiding some people to see MOSSAD as the perpetrator:


Multiple Attacks?

The strange „finding“ of a „Terrorist´s Passport“:



Another brilliant compilation of Nine Eleven events:

Nine Eleven was the fake „justification“ of the „War on Terror“ which is in deed a Terror war on the world and on civil rights. The more one knows the easier it is to make people aware of the bloody hoax claiming to many victims!

Andreas Schlüter

More Links:

Elias Davidsson: http://aldeilis.net/english/writings-elias-davidsson/



“Nine Eleven a Dozen Years ago – Stirred it the Third World War?”https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/nine-eleven-a-dozen-years-ago-stirred-it-the-third-world-war/

„Nine Eleven One And A Half Decade Ago: Whose Conspiracy?“https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2016/09/10/nine-eleven-one-and-a-half-decade-ago-whose-conspiracy-part-1/

My articles on the USA: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/list-of-my-articles-on-the-usa/

wir bedanken



Together we soon hope to ‘solve’ this crime

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