Epstein was a symbol of moral degradation of the US and UK elites

Sex trafficking is the most common form of modern day slavery. Obviously, the demand for this type of slavery is sex, often sex with minors.  Often we think of sex trafficking happening in Southeast Asia or on the crowded streets of Calcutta. But don’t be fooled. The demand for sex, mostly for young girls, is happening across America.

CNN ran an article about Miami’s recent peak of sex trafficking to meet the demands for sex from those traveling to Miami for the Superbowl Sunday game. Sex slavery is not confined to street corners or dark alleys. Brothels exist behind restaurants, massage and nail parlors, motels and some small businesses.

Epstein can be  viewed as a pimp for VIP clients. So he  as a person is not interesting and his death in jail is a typical end of a pimp carrier, especially for a jailed pimp involved with minors:

The broad outline of appearances, that a suicide may have been enabled by outside forces, is probably correct. Epstein had played his last hand to stay out of custody, and so to all his clandestine associates he had become a liability, possibly existential.

He didn’t want to face his accusers either, and knew he’d be hunted perpetually from that point if not before. His life was over. Death is a sweet dream compared to life in prison for a sex criminal and probably more.

It wasn’t just Epstein’s money that enabled his circus and protected him. He had enablers and clients, and that was where his previous untouchability came from – they didn’t want to be exposed either.

His death was extraordinarily convenient for the neoliberal elite and, especially,  his “suspected” clients.  We don’t need the details to figure out that something is amiss. That something was very wrong in the series of events and circumstances that led to Epstein’s death (usatoday.com Aug 15, 2018). But the debate over whether Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide or not is a pseudo-debate meant to keep people spinning their wheels over nothing. They would like nothing more than to turn this into another JFK, where people speculate endlessly, generating more heat than light.  That was noticed those concerns in some comments on Eptsin-related articles. For example


Surely the most important issue is not how he died (or even if he actually did) but people who he did ‘business’ with, the ‘great and the good’. The rest is just a massive diversion and of course, everybody goes apeshit over the nature of his death and that was the intention.

Some more relevant questions are (off-guardian.org, Aug 16, 2018):

  1. Just what motivated Epstein? Money? Vice? Paedo sex? Spying and blackmailing for Israel? All of the above?
  2. Where did his loyalties lie? Was he just a hired hand, an intelligence operative, another Christopher Steele? Or was he more of a gun for hire, an Erik Prince, serving Mossad, the CIA, the Zionist Lobby, or whoever would pay him? Or was he more of his own boss, running his own organisation in his own interests?
  3. What about Ghislaine Maxwell? Was she just Epstein’s pimp and loyal lieutenant, carrying out his orders? Or was she his Mossad handler, calling the shots, with Epstein as front man?

We need to discuss who employed Epstein as a pimp and for which purpose (Jeffrey Epstein and the Spectacle of Secrecy – OffGuardian):Douglass Valentine, expert on the CIA and author of The CIA as Organized Crimesaid in a recent interview that in all the endless mass media discussions of the Mueller investigation, one obvious question was never asked: What is the CIA’s role in it all? It was never asked because the job of the corporate mass media is to work for the CIA, not to expose it as a nest of organized criminals and murderers that it is.

What is important in the Epstein case is the deep back story, a tale that goes back decades and is explored by Whitney Webb in a series of fine articles for the Mint Press.

Read her articles and you will see how Epstein is just the current manifestation of the sordid history of the American marriage between various factions of the American ruling elites, whose business is sexual exploitation as a fringe benefit of being willing members of the economic and military exploitation of the world. A marriage of spies, mafia, intelligence agencies, sexual perverts, foreign governments, and American traitors who will stop at nothing to advance their interests.

It is a hard story to swallow because it destroys the fairy tale that has been constructed about American “democracy” and the decency of our leaders.

… … …

The CIA is organized crime, and if Epstein is Mossad connected, he is CIA also, which is most likely. No one like Epstein could have operated as he did for decades without being sustained and protected.

In other words the most relevant topic is the people for whom he work and who financed his brothel. Especially Les Wexner He essentially bought Epstein all the properties and the plane. Epstein camouflaged his attempts to recruit girls pretending to be talent scoop for Victoria’s secrets.

Ultimately, the picture painted by the evidence is not a direct tie to a single intelligence agency but a web linking key members of the Mega Group [a secretive group of Jewish billionaires, including Epstein’s patron Leslie Wexner], politicians, and officials in both the U.S. and Israel, and an organized-crime network with deep business and intelligence ties in both nations.

The working hypothesis is that Epstein was part of a sexual blackmail operation tied to intelligence agencies. Such blackmail has long been central to the methods of intelligence agencies worldwide and many arrows rightfully point to the Mossad.

With a typical for billionaires security apparatus he definitely know all about Epstein activities and still he financed them. which suggests that he was the mastermind of the whole scheme with Epstein as a well-paid employee.  Moreover Epstein for a long time served as Wexner money manager with the power of attorney. The role that definitely involves a lot of scrutiny from the Wexner  (The relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and Jewish philanthropist Leslie Wexner, explained – Jewish Telegraphic Agency):

For decades, if Wexner spent any money, Epstein was likely connected to it somehow. Epstein, a former prep school teacher, had entered the finance world and gained a reputation as an astute money manager for the super-wealthy. He met Wexner in the 1980s, and the two forged a close relationship. Epstein eventually received power of attorney over Wexner’s finances.

In a statement last week distributed by his foundation, Wexner wrote that Epstein “had wide latitude to act on my behalf with respect to my personal finances while I focused on building my company and undertaking philanthropic efforts.” In 2003, Wexner told Vanity Fair that Epstein had “excellent judgment and unusually high standards.”

Epstein also was involved with Wexner’s charitable efforts. In 1990, the two helped fund the construction of a new building for the Harvard Hillel. Two years later, after Wexner’s mother fell ill, Epstein replaced her on the Wexner Foundation board.

… … …

Yes, and their relationship was more than a typical professional one… Epstein lived in Wexner’s New York City townhouse for years, eventually acquiring it, along with acquiring a private plane from Wexner.

… … …

Some of Epstein’s alleged abuse occurred at the Manhattan townhouse once owned by Wexner, where Epstein lived. Another Epstein accuser, Maria Farmer, said Epstein hired her to work on a mural at Wexner’s home in Ohio in the summer of 1996, and assaulted her there. In an affidavit, she asserted that “Wexner’s security staff refused to let me leave the property” and that she was held against her will for approximately 12 hours. Farmer said that after returning to New York, she filed a report with the police and the FBI.

Farmer’s affidavit does not suggest Wexner himself was involved with or knew about the incident.

Federal authorities thus far have not implicated Wexner in Epstein’s crimes, according to Bloomberg, but prosecutors are still investigating which if any of Epstein’s business associates were involved with his alleged crimes. In a statement posted in July, Wexner insisted (in all caps) that “I was NEVER aware of the illegal activity charged in the indictment.”

While running a brothel with underage prostitutes is nothing new, camera in each bedroom and the selection of clients for young prostitutes drastically changes the story. Wexner financing and involvement of Ghislaine Maxwell  as Epstein “madam”  who also did recruting makes it even more complex and suspicious because it is know that Ghislaine Maxwell  father was a Mossad agent (Where Is Ghislaine Maxwell Now, Amidst Jeffrey Epstein Allegations ): 

The unsealed documents also contain records for Epstein’s online purchase of books with recherché titles like SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic ServitudeTraining with Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners, and SM 101: A Realistic Introduction.

And another detail:

Deschain , , August 15, 2019 at 5:06 pm


> Maxwell was reading a book called “The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives”

You can’t make this up. It’s like they are doing everything possible to give conspiracy theorists maximum ammo. All we need now is to find out that Maxwell’s Twitter handle is ‘#M0554d4g3nt4L1f3’

His personal story and its lurid details is not interesting. What is interesting is the level of degradation and amorality of the neoliberal elite whom he served and which financed his brothel and Epstein’s and his associates  such as  Ghislaine Maxwell opulent style of living.  It’s really Rome level decadence, a sign of the decline of America global neoliberal empire…

At this point  the story became the story about political control using typical gangster and secret societies methods: compromising  person so the in case he/she is being caught they never expose the whole gang.  This is not different  than a typical gang initiation process when a new member should commit some serious crime to be accepted. 

At this point  the story became the story about political control using typical gangster and secret societies methods: compromising  person so the in case he/she is being caught they never expose the whole gang.  This is not different  than a typical gang initiation process when a new member should commit some serious crime to be accepted. 

The other interesting part of Epstein story is who financed Epstein brothel with teenage girls and why. He definitely did not earn money himself.  Here the role of Vicroria Secrets  pipeline ot Jeffery Epstein is much more interesting then Epstein sexescapes in Miami or on his private island.  Why billionaire Les Wexler, Chairman and CEO of L Brands with fortune over 6 billion and his former Wall Street cycle (Mega group) financed Epstein brothel is much more interesting part of the story then in Epstein. Or more correctly, the level of criminality of Les Wexler and  especially the Mega group, are the key to the story.Why billionaire Les Wexler, Chairman and CEO of L Brands with fortune over 6 billion and his former Wall Street cycle (Mega group) financed Epstein brothel is much more interesting part of the story then in Epstein. Or more correctly, the level of criminality of Les Wexler and  especially the Mega group, are the key to the story.

Epstein Manhattan home was gifted by Wexler and ha cameras installed at the moment of the gift. Wexner never lived in this house. There was one accuser the accuses Wexler for the attempt to assault her sexually.  Their activity also shed a light on the role of Ghislaine Maxwell as a madam for Epstein brothel. The common denominator here are connections to Israel. In this sense,  Les Wesler is much more interesting player to explore then Epstein. Epstein used his connection to Wexler in multiple ways, including recruiting prostitutes for his brothel from girls aspiring to have a modeling career. And neoliberal MSM silence around him tells a lot.  Here are some revealing comments for L Brands founder’s ties to Epstein detailed in lawsuit – YouTube

Van Provost1 week ago

Les Wexner is neck deep and most likely bank rolling Epstein.

warrior saint1 month ago

Wexner sounds more and more culpable with each article we read here. He must be investigated to at least try and clear his name otherwise America is going to assume he is guilty of pedophilia.

Billy Ek, 3 days ago

Wexner should be prosecuted given he was Epstein’s purse and held the string. He didn’t cut the string until Epstein was on trial… The people demand justice!

SACTICAL BAG1 month ago

A ” teacher ” w/ no degree becomes financial advisor to one of the wealthiest clothiers in U.S. is absurd . More like other way around aka ” handler “

Wikpedia suppresses details of their relationship, which is to be expected:

Wexner had a close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who managed his financial assets; the two parted when Epstein went to prison.[11] Wexner was believed to be the primary source of Epstein’s wealth.[12] In August 2019, following Epstein’s second incarceration, Wexner addressed the Wexner Foundation by letter, delivering a detailed account of his dealings with Epstein, stating that the former financial advisor had “misappropriated vast sums of money” from Wexner and from his family.[13] Wexner retained services of criminal defense attorney Mary Jo White of Debevoise & Plimpton.[14]

It is also known  that Epstein compulsively tried to extent his circle and cultivate ties with titans of Wall Street and power brokers in Washington and Silicon Valley moguls:

Jeffrey Epstein, the financier facing charges of sex-trafficking underage girls, had cultivated a public image over the decades as a benefactor of philanthropic and academic causes. His social circle famously included titans of Wall Street and power brokers in Washington, but his web of contacts also extended to the elite investors and entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley. 

The question arise: why? Why he was not afraid of unwanted publicity and prosecution for his “hobby” ?  Who protected him all those years? And while in 2008 Epstein was convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor and served jail time, despite his conviction he continued to make appearances in the company of political, financial and technology elites. In essence little changed for him.  Why?

As one of Epstein clients was supposedly Prince Andrew. Which means that  MI6 and British Royal House was probably involved in suppressing the case (or worse controlling Epstein) . Diana case here illustrates the extent British royalty is interested in preserving its image. The other high level politician among Epstein clients was  Ehud Barak. But the most prominent of his long list of the US clients was definitely Bill Clinton and this connection also probably greatly helped Epstein in suppression  the case with FBI Director Mueller supposedly playing a role by classifying Epstein as FBI informant.  Or, may be, he was an informant from the very beginning and FBI continued its noble tradition of collecting dirt of politicians, established by Edger Hoover. Whom none of presidents dare to remove from his position. 

The fact that Epstein got an extremely lenient sentence Epstein got after being caught supports this hypothesis. That’s probably why his pleas deal involved suppressing details about all his numerous co-conspirators and clients.  Another alarming  fact is that nobody investigated his “Pedo island” properties and interviewed the staff despite the fact that it was federal case. Here Acosta became not as a peripheral player who just was told that Epstein belong to intelligence, but  the key figure is the whole suppression game.

But a Miami Herald investigation by reporter Julie K. Brown in November noted that the allegations against Epstein were originally much broader, accusing him of coercing dozens of underage girls into sex acts.

The Herald reports it was able to identify 80 victims – many between 13-16 years of age at the time – who said Epstein had sexually abused or molested them between 2001-2006. Eight of them agreed to be interviewed by the Herald, four on video.

The most immediate impact of the judge’s ruling could be political, adding pressure on Acosta. The Herald’s report portrays Acosta, who was the top federal prosecutor in Miami from 2005-2009, as malleable and nearly complicit in agreeing to a 2007 plea deal with Epstein. 

There are multiple question about Epstein that nobody can answer with any certainty. Several of them were listed in Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Scandal Is Likely Even More Worse than We Know   byJim Geraghty (National Review. Jul 11, 2019):

One:  How did Jeffrey Epstein make his fortune in the first place? The most plausible hypothesis that he was financed by Wexler and probably some other members of Mega group.Two: Could Epstein really have been connected to some sort of intelligence service? In yesterday’s press conference, labor secretary Alex Acosta offered a weird, vague, contradictory, meandering answer when asked about this. If Epstein was working for some sort of spy agency, which one? What was the aim, to collect blackmail on prominent figures? Who was being blackmailed, and what did they do?Three: Why did the office Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance try to keep Epstein from being registered as a top-level sex offender? “A seasoned sex-crimes prosecutor from Mr. Vance’s office argued forcefully in court that Mr. Epstein, who had been convicted in Florida of soliciting an underage prostitute, should not be registered as a top-level sex offender in New York.” The judge denied the request and declared, “I have to tell you, I’m a little overwhelmed because I have never seen a prosecutor’s office do anything like this.”

Four: After Epstein was labelled a “Level 3 sex offender” — meaning the worst — Epstein was required by law to check in with the NYPD every 90 days. He never checked in at all over an eight-year span. How did that not generate any consequences?Five: How did his private island off Saint Thomas get the nickname “Pedophile Island” and how does a rumour like that not get law enforcement to start snooping around?Six: Bill Clinton’s public statement about his interactions with Epstein was laughably inaccurate, contracted by contemporaneous media accounts, never mind FAA flight logs. You would think Clinton and those around him would have a well-worn playbook for denying sexual impropriety and criminal behaviour by now.Seven: Doesn’t this paragraph in deep in a recent article of Vanity Fair seem to bury the lead, as they say in journalism?Pecker, he later told me, used to send him articles and issues before they were published so that he and Trump could read them. After the meeting Trump called in Sam Nunberg, then a Trump Organisation employee, who saw Pecker leaving Trump’s office. “Michael was sitting in there when I came in, and the issue of the National Enquirer with the pictures of Prince Andrew was on his desk,” Nunberg recalled. “He said not to tell anyone, but that Pecker had just been there and had brought the issue with him.

 Trump said that Pecker had told him that the pictures of Clinton that Epstein had from his island were worse.” (Cohen, speaking by phone from the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, corroborated Nunberg’s version of the events, though he declined to add any additional information about the meeting.)

So the National Inquirer has pictures of Bill Clinton with Epstein and the women he was using? If Trump knew about these photographs, why didn’t he at least leak or hype them during the 2016 campaign? And if Clinton really did nothing inappropriate in all of his interactions with Epstein, why didn’t Hillary Clinton’s campaign make a stink about Trump’s past friendship with Epstein, during a campaign where Trump’s unsavory treatment of women was a big issue?

NOW WATCH: ‘Bill Clinton on His Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein’One aspect of Epstein lurid saga that no longer has many questions: Is there anyone left who wants to argue that Alexandre Acosta handled the case the way he should have all those years ago? Of course Epstein as a lier and fraudster lied about many of his contacts (Jeffrey Epstein Arrest Spurs Tech Figures to Distance Themselves – Bloomberg )

Epstein was known to play up his connections to powerful people. According to reports, he had claimed to be a tax consultant for Bill Gates. Gates’ name is not in the book, but according to a Gates representative,he met Epstein in New York at a meeting which other people attended. The Gates representative said the discussion focused on philanthropy, and that Epstein “never provided services of any type to Bill.” 

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