Published on 6 Nov 2019عين عيسى: وصول أكثر من /40/ شاحنة محمَّلة بالأسلحة والذخائر، ومدرعات عسكرية روسية، إلى مركز التنسيق والعمليات العسكرية، بين القوات الروسية وقوات سوريا الديمقراطية في عين عيسى. زانا العلي / نور الدين أحمد – NPA

Ein Issa: More than 40 trucks loaded with arms, ammunition, and Russian armored vehicles arrive at the coordination and military operations center between the Russian and Syrian Democratic Forces in Ein Issa.

Zana Al Ali / Noureddine Ahmed – NPA

The Turkish military and their allies have since captured the border town of Tal Abyad and several sites around it, including a number of villages near the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) lines in ‘Ayn ‘Issa.

Meanwhile, at Ras Al-‘Ayn, the Turkish military and their allied militants are still trying to capture the city from the SDF troops that are refusing to concede last half of it.

The Turkish forces have managed to capture much of the Ras Al-‘Ayn countryside, putting themselves within striking distance of the Syrian Arab Army’s positions in Tal Tamr.

This Turkish military incursion would also bring about a new military alliance along the Syrian-Turkish border, as the SDF and Syrian Army agreed to a military cooperation deal to prevent Ankara-backed troops from seizing more ground in northern Syria.

As part of this agreement, the SDF has agreed to allow for joint control of several towns and cities in northern Syria, including Kobani (var. ‘Ayn Al-‘Arab), Tal Tamr, Al-Tabaqa, and ‘Ayn ‘Issa.

Ayn Issa (Arabic: عين عيسى‎) is a town and nahiyah within the Tell Abyad District of Raqqa Governorate in Syria. It is located halfway between the border town Tell Abyad and the regional capital Raqqa.

As clashes approach Ayn Issa Camp .. large fears among the displaced people in the camp .. families of the “Islamic State” organization flee .. and the Turkish warplanes bombard areas surrounding it

13/10/2019 1 minute read

Villages in the vicinity of Ayn Issa Camp in Al-Raqqah countryside, are under bombardment by Turkish warplanes in addition to heavy and violent rocket shelling, amid advancement by gunmen of pro-Turkey cells with factions loyal to Ankara towards Ayn Issa, after imposing full control over Sluk town, it is noteworthy that Ayn Issa Camp which contains thousands of displaced people in addition to the presence of more than 1000 members of the families of the “Islamic State” organization of foreign nationalities, and sources informed the Syrian Observatory that camp’s displaced people fear of approaching the military operations, the sources also added that a number of members of ISIS families managed to leave the camp in the shadow of the state of confusion witnessed in the area, also the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) withdrew from the camp with the approaching of clashes, in order to participate in repelling the attacks, while 3 members of an ambulance team were kidnapped near the camp and it is not known so far whether they were kidnapped by factions or cells loyal to Turkey, and the SOHR published hours ago that it monitored fierce clashes in Sluk town in the northern countryside of Al-Raqqah, between the the Syria Democratic Forces against the Turkish forces and factions loyal to them, in fierce attack carried out by the latter since early morning, under a cover of heavy firepower, where they managed to advance into the town and took large spaces of it amid ongoing attempts to impose full control over Sluk town, in the same context, clashes are continuing between the both parties in the outskirts of Tal Abyad city, in the areas of Bajiliyah, Kherbat Al-Razz, Furay’an and Jahjah on Tal Abyad – Ayn Issa Road, accompanied by heavy and violent shelling, while pro-Turkey factions targeted an ambulance in the vicinity of Tal Abyad area, where connection with the ambulance’s crew was lost and their fate is unknown.

And the SOHR published yesterday, Saturday, that the Turkish forces with the Syrian factions loyal to them were able to expand their control in Tal Abyad area since the start of “Peace Spring” Operation on the 9th of October 2019, where they controlled 31 areas at least in Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ayn, they are Mazra’aat al-Hammadi, Abu Qabr, Mazra’aat al-Masihi, Hamida, al-Mahida, al-Dadat, al-Yabseh, al-Meshrfeh, Tal Fender, Bir Ashiq, al-Terwaziyyeh, Lazkeh, Hwyran, al-Wastah, al-Ghajir, Shokan, al-Khalidiyah, al-Aridah, al-Nabhan, Om al-Jern, Ghzil, al-Hawi, Tababin, Jamous, Felyou, al-Zaydi in Tal Abyad area, and Tal Halaf town and the villages of Alok, Kashto, and Aksas in the Ras al-Ayn area, in addition to their control of the Industrial area and Ras al-Ayn Crossing area inside Ras al-Ayn city.

Lens of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights from Ayn Issa Camp:: as clashes approach the camp .. “Asayish” forces abandon the task of protecting the camp to join the fighting .. families of the “Islamic State” organization flee .. and fears among the displaced people Google+ LinkedIn WhatsApp Telegram Viber Share via Email Print Lens of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitors the displacement of citizens from Ayn Al-Arab city (Kobani) in the shadow of the Turkish military operation in the area Lens of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights shows a demonstration in Al-Raqqah countryside in condemnation and denunciation of the Turkish military operation in the east of the Euphrates and the killing actions by the pro-Ankara factions that target citizens

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