Incident: Republic E175 at Atlanta on Nov 6th 2019, trim runaway, severe control problems, stalling situation

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Severe control problems

A Republic Airways Embraer ERJ-175, registration N117HQ performing AA-4439 from Atlanta,GA to New York La Guardia,NY (USA) with 6 people on board, was climbing out of Atlanta’s runway 09L when the crew were forced to declare an emergency reporting they had a trim runaway, the crew stopped the climb at about 14,000 feet and positioned for a return to Atlanta’s runway 10. 

The crew subsequently reported, while cleared for a right downwind to runway 10, they were in a stalling situation and subsequently added they couldn’t get their pitch down, they were trying to descend nonetheless.

ATC offered runway 08L, 10 or 09R, ATC could clear anyone out of the way. 

The crew advised they were able to take a turn and received vectors to runway 10. Instead of descending the aircraft began to climb again, then descended, the crew advised they got a system warning to cut out, got the problem under control and were now okay, they had been fighting with the aircraft for a while.

The aircraft joined the final for runway 10, ATC again offered runway 10 or 09R, “your call”, and cleared the aircraft to land either runway. The aircraft landed safely on runway 10 about 19 minutes after departure and about 15 minutes after the emergency call.

The aircraft is still on the ground about 18 hours after landing in Atlanta.


Embraer E175 Loses Control Over Atlanta
Flighradar24 Playback courtesy of JACDEC

As a result of the severity of the situation, air traffic control offered runway 08L, 10 and 09R and could clear anyone out of the way if required.

Fighting to get the aircraft to descend, the pilots advised air traffic control that they were able to turn and receive vectors to runway 10. Whilst preparing for a landing, the aircraft began to climb again before suddenly entering a descent.

The pilots received a system warning and worked checklists to terminate it. The problem was now under control and the pilots flew the aircraft to join final approach for runway 10.

Air traffic control emphasised that both 10 and 09R were freely open to land on, should the pilots encounter additional control problems; however the aircraft landed safely on runway 10 roughly 19 minutes after departure.

No information has been released about the passengers however they were likely placed on other flights. The problematic aircraft still remains on the ground.

An investigation will likely be opened by the Federal Aviation Administration to determine the cause of the incident.

On November 12th an Air Astana Embraer E190 also suffered from extreme control problems, with the pilots preparing to ditch in the water. You can read more about this here:

Information sourced from The Aviation Herald.

Aviation herald reports

Republic Airways Inc., operating as Republic Airways, operates service as American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express using a fleet of Embraer regional jets. It is headquartered in Indianapolis,Its call sign is “Brickyard” .

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