A NATO auditor who had uncovered evidence that ISIS was being funded by Western government, was found murdered in Belgium. 

Set him up

Yves Chandelon, the Chief Auditor for NATO, was found dead in the city of Andenne in the Belgian Ardennes. He was found with a gun in his right hand, in an apparent suicide attempt.

However, family members are urging authorities to investigate for murder, saying that Yves had been complaining of threatening phone calls in the week leading up to his death, and point out that he was left-handed and so would not have used his right hand to fire the weapon.

According to police reports, the gun used to kill Yves was unregistered, despite the fact that he had three registered guns in his name.

Part 2

It’s not just the mainstream media that is spreading around fake news. One particular bogus story about the death of a prominent NATO employee has been passed around by the alternative media, as well. AFP has investigated these serious claims and found them to be unfounded. Bottom line: It’s up to everyone to not mislead people.

By Dave Gahary

The recent death of a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) employee and the “news” reports that followed provide a clear example of the dangers of believing everything you read, even in the alternative media. The mainstream—or elite—media has recently been thoroughly disgraced, and the alternative media—although much more trustworthy than the former—runs the risk of alienating readers by pushing “fake news.”

The Belgian newspaper Sudpresse reported on Dec. 21 that Yves Chandelon, “a NATO senior official” was found with a bullet in his head. His family, reported the paper on its website, http://www.sudinfo.be, “does not believe it was a suicide.”

On Christmas Eve, this reporter was introduced to this story by a colleague via email, the “facts” of which could not be verified by independent “real” news sources. The article sent, from an Armenian news website, claimed that “NATO Auditor General Yves Chandelon dealt with counteraction against terrorism financing issues. Shortly before death he reported he was receiving strange calls.”

Bug Out While You Still Can! Learn More…

No less than a dozen alternative websites were parroting the claim that Chandelon was NATO’s chief auditor in charge of terrorism funding, with headlines like “NATO Chief Auditor in Charge of Terrorism Funding Murdered in Belgium.” The source of the claim that Chandelon worked on terrorism issues seemed to come from the Daily Express, a UK tabloid newspaper with a circulation of about 400,000.

The article on the Express, with the headline “Mystery as NATO auditor general is found shot dead in suspicious circumstances,” also included a 40-second audio clip with an unknown actor who claimed that “the second most important responsibility he had was dealing with the finances of terrorism.”

On Dec. 27, this reporter emailed NATO asking for verification of the claims made in the articles on Mr. Chandelon’s death. A second request was made the next day after receiving no reply, and on Dec. 29 a reply was finally received.

Dear Sir,

In response to your query about Mr. Chandelon’s passing, please see below, attributable to “a NATO official” as needed. We express our deepest condolences to the family of Yves Chandelon, the Auditor General of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency.

We refer you to the Belgian authorities for details concerning the investigation and its outcome. As Auditor General for the NSPA, Mr. Chandelon’s responsibilities did not include any activity associated with counterterrorism or combating money laundering, as incorrectly reported by some media outlets.

Kind regards,

Damien Arnaud
Head, Media Operations
NATO Press & Media Section

NATO, headquartered in Belgium, is a military alliance whose 28 members agree to mutual defense if attacked by a non-member. NATO’s Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) is the main logistics and procurement agency of the alliance, whose mission “is to provide responsive, effective and cost-efficient acquisition, including armaments procurement; logistics; operational and systems support and services.”

Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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