Erdogan Lied about Retaliation

SAA Killed 6 Turkish Soldiers, Injured More, Erdogan Lied about Retaliation

03MondayFeb 2020

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Turkish pariah erdogan with his war minister
Turkish pariah Erdogan with his war minister – File photo

by Arabi Souri

The latest incursion by Turkish troops into Idlib to defend al-Qaeda terrorists received an unexpected surprise by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) who were chasing the terrorists. Six Turkish soldiers were among the various terrorists killed by the SAA, and nine Turkish soldiers were among the many terrorists injured in the military action.

The Syrian Arab Army is performing its duty of defending its citizens against foreign armed and funded terrorists still occupying regions of Idlib. Per International Law, it is Syria’s sovereign right to defend itself within its internationally recognized borders. This right and this responsibility of the SAA do not vaporize just because the terrorists are sponsored by NATO and its many satellites.

The Turkish war ministry confirmed this success of the SAA, in its accurate artillery bombing in Idlib province.

The Turkish ministry, like its president, lied to their people by adding: the Turkish forces responded to the attack and destroyed ‘enemy targets’ in Idlib, claiming that the Syrian forces carried out the attack despite being informed beforehand of the position of the Turkish forces.

Erdogan regime troops have no right to bark ‘self-defense’ in Syria, his thugs breach International Law with their military aggression against Syria, and their illegal invasion.

Erdogan mistakes being Trump’s lapdog in Syria, as protected; he deludes himself to believe he is the exception to Trump’s geopolitical dumps.

The Turkish madman criminally announced that his regime forces will remain on the Syrian territories and lied that they have retaliated against the Syrian Army killing 30 soldiers. Erdogan added that his fighter jets bombed Syrian posts, claims fake verified by Erdogan and his propaganda machine, no other source about any Turkish response.

The only response was the Turkish war ministry complaining to the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, which in turn replied they had no advanced information about Turkish troops entering Syria, not coordinated with them, and they have not recorded any Turkish retaliation and definitely no Turkish fighter jets breaching Syria’s air space.

syria every inch Assad
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”source

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