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Miniscule traces of coronavirus found in Paris water supply


Paris city official has confirmed that miniscule traces of coronavirus has been found in non-potable water which is used for watering parks and cleaning streets.

The official confirmed that there is “no risk” of contamination to the city’s main drinking water supply.

Paris water authority’s laboratory found coronavirus in four out of 27 samples across the capital and as a precautionary measure officials immediately shutdown the supply of non-potable water.

Célia Blauel, Paris’s top environmental official said, “These are minute traces but traces nonetheless, so we’ve decided to apply the precautionary principle.W

She said the city’s drinking water is supplied from a “totally independent network” and “can be consumed without any risk.”

On 5 March Dutch scientists found genetic material from coronavirus at Amersfoot, wastewater treatment plant, near to Amsterdam.

Coronavirus was already in the sewage water system on the 5 March, before the Netherlands had any confirmed cases, as the first case was confirmed on 27 February.

Professor Gertjan Medema, of the KWR Water Research Institute, said traces of coronavirus is often found in human waste of those infected by the disease, making it an ideal detection mechanism.

He said, “It is important to collect information about the occurrence and fate of this new virus in sewage to understand if there is no risk to sewage workers, but also to determine if sewage surveillance could be used to monitor the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 in our communities.

“That could complement current clinical surveillance, which is limited to the COVID-19 patients with the most severe symptoms.”

This is the first known discovery of coronavirus in sewage.CoronavirusFranceHealthParisWater



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