Q Says Merkel Is Hitler’s Daughter?

Angela Dorothea Kasner.
Daughter of a Pastor?
Name of FATHER?
History of FATHER?
Hitler youth (member).
Haircut today vs THEN (A).
US Intelligence post war controlled who?
The ‘Mission’
Who is Angela Hitler?
Relationship to Adolf?
How were children named in Germany during this period?
First or middle.
Family tree.
Risk of ‘conspiracy’ label the deeper we go.
Truth will shock the WORLD.

Q goes on to say:

Relevant to coming events.
Future will PROVE past.

It sounds bizarre. Merkel related to Hitler? Some sort of cabal? And yet as with all things Q, dig deeper into it, and it is plausible, or even substantiated elsewhere already.

In 1954, a child was born, a baby girl, whom the Stasi File identifies as Angela Merkel, today’s Chancellor of Germany. Her official birthday is July 17, 1954. However, the Stasi file which is currently in the Soviet KGB archives, records her birth as April 20, 1954. If this secret police citizen’s file in the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (GDR) is correct, then Hitler’s daughter, Angela Merkel, was born on Adolph Hitler’s birthday – April 20…

Klauberg was classified as one of the worst Nazi ‘ Angel of Death ’ doctors and was… released by the Soviets… in return for turning over to the KGB… the frozen sperm of the former Nazi Dictator, Adolf Hitler.

Hitler’s father, who took the name Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Solomon Rothschild’s mistress Anna Maria Schicklgruber. Upon receipt of the Nazi files on artificial insemination, along with Hitler’s frozen sperm, the Soviet Politicheskoye Buro (Politburo) authorized the experiments to ‘resurrect’, ‘if possible’, a child bearing the ‘genetic markers’ of Adolph Hitler.

The third possibility is that Adolf Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish. Rumours to that effect circulated in Munich cafes in the early 1920s, and were fostered by sensationalist journalism of the foreign press during the 1930s. It was suggested that the name `Huttler’ was Jewish, `revealed’ that he could be traced to a Jewish family called Hitler in Bucharest, and even claimed that his father had been sired by Baron Rothschild, in whose house in Vienna his grandmother had allegedly spent some time as a servant.

Meaning that it is conceivable that Hitler, the man who rose to power from nothing, following an unbelievably lucky path, seemingly against all odds, and went on the create the greatest war in all of history, might very well have been a Rothschild who was supported in all his pursuits and lifted into power by the machine, all along the way. And now it is his daughter, herself a secret Rothschild, who is setting the stage for a global conflagration in the form of a civil war between all of the West and Islam.

The EU’s focus on creating from scratch the Muslim migrant surge really makes no sense in any other context. Even Obama’s destabilization of the Middle East by taking out allies like Mubarak and quasi-allies like Khadafy, suddenly makes sense as part of that plan. You wonder if Ambassador Stevens saw something he wasn’t supposed to and Benghazi was actually tying up a loose end.

This would all change a lot. Q linked to this video:http://www.youtube.com/embed/aBv8kqKck6E

It is three minutes of Admiral Ace Lyons detailing his experiences in government, where a hidden hand was always controlling policy. It turns out that Reagan decided to launch an attack on Iran to cut off Islamic radicalism at the knees, and Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger refused to give the order, preventing Reagan from containing Iran and radical Islam. Years later, the same thing happened, only then Weinberger didn’t get involved, but the Chair of the Joint Chiefs actually blocked the execution of Reagan’s orders, against Reagan’s wishes.

Lyons actually says he was never able to get an answer to “who got to him, or what got to him…,” and is pretty clear there was a hidden force in government, that controlled key players, and that would only allow a President to execute orders it approved of. Think about Reagan having no control to actually issue an order. Think about Admiral Lyons seeing it happen, and having no power to do anything.

What was also rarely if ever reported was that Hinckley Sr. was a major financial contributor to the failed 1980 Presidential campaign of the Vice President, George H. W. Bush, the man who would have become President sooner had Reagan been killed in the assassination attempt.

Hinckley’s older brother, Scott, had a dinner date scheduled at the home of Neil Bush, the Vice President’s son, the day after the assassination attempt on Reagan. A March 31, 1981 news headline by Associated Press confirmed this: Bush Son Had Dinner Plans With Hinckley Brother Before Shooting.

George H.W. Bush’s other son, George W. Bush, also admitted to journalists that he may have had dealings with Scott Hinckley who was Vice-President of Vanderbilt Energy, but could not remember either way.

Obviously this is all very circumstantial, but then again…What are the odds that the family of the convicted shooter of the President were intimately tied to the Vice President’s family and were also Texas oil tycoons who part-financed the Vice President’s unsuccessful presidential campaign against the President?

And why were so few of these facts ever reported by the mainstream media?

He had been in and out of therapy for years, and believed Jodie Foster would love him if only he took that shot – an easy association to create if you have a subject prone to delusions who is under deep hypnosis while in therapy. Obviously you can’t say it probable, but it is a scenario which would fit the evidence well in light of these revelations. As does the fact had Reagan been killed, George HW Bush would have walked into the Presidency, giving whatever this is full control over the nation.

It brings some real darkness to other quirks of history. I had long heard that the intelligence came in, warning us of Pearl Harbor, but FDR had it set aside until after the attack. I had assumed some egg-heads in DC decided it was in the US’s geopolitical interest to get into WWII to contain Hitler before he controlled all of Europe, so they wanted the attack to get us into the war. Yes they were misguided, but surely it was at least some form of patriotism which guided them.

In light of this, it could easily have been the Rothschilds, giving the order to let Pearl Harbor be hit, so that masses of American K-strategists, loyal, patriotic, and fearless, could be convinced to, all on their own, head to Europe to kill other K-strategists and in turn to be killed themselves in large numbers.

Why? To boost the Rothschilds’ investment holdings by pulling us out of the Depression? To help their companies in all countries sell more bombs and bullets on all sides? To simply cull the decent and honorable K’s and produce a form of human that is more sheep-like, and easily led? I cannot even imagine the answer.

And it would seem they have been doing these things all along. Which makes that CIA agent’s assertion that we knew 9/11 was coming because many of the hijackers were our assets seem even more likely. The entire machine may be rotten from the top.

And from what Q says, the conspiracy will go even higher, before all is done.

If all of this is true, then Q’s previous assertions that they are preparing Guantanamo would be perfectly reasonable. All through government and society will be agents of this cabal. They will be willing to manipulate the machinery of government corruptly, even to kill young US Servicemen by the millions if necessary, all to enrich themselves in their service to this cabal. People from the likes of Political leaders, to former SecDefs, to Chairs of the Joint Chiefs, to media personalities, to University leaders, to Tech Giants, to people like Soros. They all treasonously served a corrupt foreign power, in conflict with the people of their nation and its duly elected leaders, to enrich themselves with power and wealth.

The only answer to such corruption would be Military Tribunals, executions for some, imprisonment for others, and assassinations for those who could not be dealt with any other way. And I do not see how the conjured President, who arose out of thin air and served all the cabal’s needs, would not be among the first put to death.

Q would appear to be describing a very shocking future. Buckle up indeed.

Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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