Prince Charles Recently Exposed Some Concerning Details About His Royal Upbringing

Does your mom ever act like she’s royalty? Well, imagine if she actually was. Queen Elizabeth is a mom-arch (sorry) unlike any other, and her parenting style was anything but ordinary. After all, when your face regularly appears on postage stamps, it’s hard to give your kids a normal upbringing. You may even refer to some unconventional methods to care for your children and your country.

Now that Queen Elizabeth’s children are all grown up and causing controversies of their own, they’re not afraid to speak out about their childhoods…or their lack thereof. Prince Charles, the eldest of the Queen’s four kids, recently described what his childhood was really like, and it wasn’t all corgis and crumpets.

1. She’d Leave For Months: As part of her Queenly duties, Queen Elizabeth often found herself boarding a plane without her kids in tow. This happened countless times when she was a young monarch, but it was never as dangerous as in 1953.

Hulton Royals Collection/Getty

2. Danger Abounds: When she was just 22, Elizabeth embarked on an exhausting overseas tour of 13 countries including Bermuda, Jamaica, and Uganda. Though it was obviously safer for her to go alone, that can’t have been a fun 6-month span for any of the kids!

Hulton Royals Collection/Getty

3. Unhappy Grandma: You’d think the Queen Mother would understand better than anyone what her daughter was going through, but Queen Elizabeth’s frequent trips reportedly saddened the Queen Mother, who claimed Charles missed his mom!

Lisa Sheridan/Stringer/Hulton Royals Collection/Getty

4. Nannies Galore: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the young royals were all raised by nannies. Prince Charles was quoted saying that he was “inevitably” raised by the nursery staff, who punished him, rewarded him, and were the first to see him walk. 

Central Press/Stringer/Hulton Archive/Getty

5. Scheduled Bonding: The life of a famous royal is notoriously busy, so it makes sense that Queen Elizabeth’s days were often scheduled down to the very minute…even with her kids. She would reportedly see her kids every day after breakfast and teatime. 

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

6. Denying The Rumors: Charles has famously claimed that his mother wasn’t the warmest mother in the world, but his three siblings have repeatedly denied this, even Anne. “It just beggars belief,” Anne said about the rumors in 2002.

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

7. Relaxing a Bit: As is to be expected, the Queen reportedly relaxed into her royal role as the years passed, meaning her next two children — Andrew and Edward — benefited from this calmer setting. She even stepped back a bit from her royal duties!

Fox Photos/Getty Images

8. Favorite Child: Rumor has it that Prince Andrew, the Queen’s third-born, is her favorite child, as evidenced by his tame treatment following the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Unlike with Charles and Anne, she took 18 months “off” after Andrew’s birth to mother him.

Anwar Hussein/WireImage/Getty

9. No Garlic Allowed: According to one of the Queen’s former chefs, Darren McGrady, the one food that the Queen forbade anyone in her family from eating is garlic! The weird rule is actually for our sake: Who wants to interview a royal with bad breath?

Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

10. Tough School: In an effort to toughen up Prince Charles, his parents sent him to Philip’s alma mater, Gordonstoun, a boarding school in Scotland. It’s a famously difficult school, and they even start the days off with an ice-cold shower!

Julie Howden

11. All-Natural Upbringing: Given the Queen’s understandable reliance on nannies, it may come as a shock to learn that she breastfed all four of her babies! Her own mother made the same choice, which may have influenced her decision. 

Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

12. Embarrassed By Edward: No parent loves everything their child creates, but Edward had a particularly rough go of it. Though his 1987 reality TV special It’s A Royal Knockout was a major success, the Queen was reportedly embarrassed by the silly spectacle of it all. 

13. Charles Speaks Out: Charles has never been quiet about his reportedly strained relationship with his mother, and he once even described his mum as being “not indifferent so much as detached.” This wasn’t unusual for someone from the British upper class!

Hulton-Deutsch/Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis/Getty Images

14. Anne to the Rescue: Anne, too, hasn’t been quiet about her upbringing, though she tells quite a different story from Charles. She and her mum reportedly grew closer as the years passed, and the two were often seen talking about fashion and horseback riding.

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

15. Her “Second Family”: The Queen’s pregnancy with Prince Andrew shocked the world — after all, Charles and Anne were already 12 and 10, respectively — and it wasn’t long before the press started calling Andrew and Edward her “second family.”

Tim Graham/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

16. In-Law Drama: It’s not unusual for parents to dislike their child’s spouse, but imagine dealing with it on such a public level! The Queen allegedly disliked Andrew’s ex-wife, Fergie, as well as Charles’ wife Camilla. 

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

17. Baby Ed: As the youngest of Elizabeth’s children, Edward is seen as the baby of the family, so much so that even Philip — known for his tough parenting approach — has a portrait of Edward in his study and none of his other children. 

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

18. Prince In Waiting: Prince Charles and the Queen are, admittedly, in a situation few people understand. He can’t be King until his mother dies. He’s the longest serving Prince of Wales in history, and who knows how much longer he’ll have to wait!

19. Best Job in the World: Despite all the controversy surrounding her parenting, the Queen made her priorities clear in 2012. When someone told her being a mom was the best job, she reportedly replied, “Yes. That’s the only job which matters.”  


20. Doting Grandmother: Whatever you have to say about her parenting style, Queen Elizabeth settled into her role of grandmother quite nicely, according to members of the royal family. Still, just because she’s loosened up doesn’t mean the royal family hasn’t been in sticky situations…

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

When a teenage Prince Harry admitted to his father that he’d tried marijuana and participated in underage drinking, the royal family sent him to rehab… for one day. Apparently, it was a way of educating him about the dangers of substance abuse.

Jim Moore/Flickr

2. Princess Diana made scary headlines when she was four months pregnant with William: She fell down the stairs, which put both her life and his life at risk. She later admitted that it was a self-harm attempt to get Charles’ attention. 

3. In 1936, King Edward VIII had to make a choice: Remain king, or marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson? His decision to abdicate the throne and marry Simpson shocked the world and pre-determined his niece’s future role as Queen Elizabeth II.  

Etienne du Plessis/Flickr

4. Scandal rocked the royals in 1953 when Princess Margaret got engaged to Captain Peter Townshend, who divorced his wife to be with her. The couple was destined for heartbreak, however, as royal tradition forbade them from marrying. 

Netflix/Sony Pictures Television/Left Bank Pictures

5. Princess Margaret wasn’t down for long, however, and she soon married photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones. However, the unconventional princess was true to her reputation, and, in 1978, she became the first royal to get a divorce since the 1500s. 


6. Kate Middleton is one of the classiest ladies around, so it came as a shock when she was photographed topless while vacationing in France. Obviously, the paparazzi had trespassed on private property, so criminal charges were filed against the paps.


7. A document published in 1957 confirmed decades-old rumors that Edward VIII and his wife, Wallis Simpson, had given information to the Nazis…and directly to Hitler himself. Edward even said in 1970, “I never thought Hitler was such a bad chap.” 

8. Margaret wasn’t the last royal to get a divorce! Her niece, Princess Anne, was married to Olympian equestrian Mark Phillips for nearly 20 years before they divorced in 1992. It was rumored that both Anne and Phillips were having affairs.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation/YouTube

9. Some of the rumors were true: Mark Phillips had an affair with an art teacher named Heather Tonkin, which resulted in their child, Felicity Tonkin. His parentage was confirmed after a 1991 paternity suit.

10. At just 14 years old, Prince Charles cheekily ordered a cherry brandy at a pub. He had no idea that a tabloid reporter was also in the pub, and the story was across every newspaper headline the next day.

Allan Warren/Wikimedia Commons

11. You’d think that Prince William, married with children and accustomed to being in the public eye, would know better than to dance seductively with a model at a nightclub, but that’s exactly what happened in 2017. 


12. 1992 was the year of the “squidgy” heard ‘round the world: Tabloids released a recorded phone call between Princess Diana and her alleged lover, James Gilbey, who called her by the nickname “Squidgy” 53 times during the call. 

13. Of course, one of the most famous scandals in royal family history was when Princess Diana revealed her struggles with depression and eating disorders as well as her husband’s affair and her own affair in a shocking interview with Martin Bashir in 1996.

The Drake Hotel Chicago/Flickr

14. Out of Princess Diana’s tragic death came two huge scandals: The rumor that Prince Charles had “planned” the accident, and the news that Diana’s controversial boyfriend at the time, Dodi Al Fayed, was killed alongside her. 

Linford A/Flickr

15. Meghan Markle has had a particularly rough go of it since she married Prince Harry. After months of being hounded by the paparazzi, the couple pleaded with the press to back off, sparking a debate about how far is too far when it comes to the press.

16. Developing in 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s break from the royal family captivated audiences. After being ceaselessly attacked by the press, the royal couple understandably washed their hands of it all together.

17. Teenagers are often misguided, but we have to wonder what Prince Harry was thinking here: He was once spotted at a Halloween party wearing a Nazi uniform, and it soon covered all of the tabloids.

The Sun

18. One month before Diana and Charles divorced, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew also called it quits. What spurred the couple’s divorce was paparazzi footage of another man who was — you guessed it — nibbling Fergie’s toes.

Mugisha Don de Dieu/Wikimedia Commons

19. Harry certainly had a wild life before settling down! He was caught in the buff playing a game of strip billiards, and his response to the criticism was princely indeed: “[It’s] a classic example of me probably being too much army and not enough prince.” 

Department of Defense/EJ Hersom

20. Even after she was divorced from the royal family, Fergie was still making headlines. In 2010, she was recorded accepting a $633,000 bribe from a journalist disguised as a businessman. She later called it “a serious lapse in judgement,” which, yeah. 

Sarah Ferguson Foundation Launch at Ultra/Flickr

21. In 2014, a woman claimed that Prince Andrew and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sex with them when she was a teenager. Buckingham Palace and the judge denied these claims, but it left a permanent pall over Andrew and the royals.

Secretary of Defense/Flickr

22. Princess Michael of Kent wore a blackamoor brooch, which is today considered a symbol of racism, to a luncheon with the Queen in 2017, and many wondered if it was in response to Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry. 

Mark Cuthbert/The Telegraph

23. Princess Michael has been accused of racist remarks in the past, such as a 2004 incident in which she was overheard telling a group of black people to “go back to the colonies.” She denied saying it, despite multiple witnesses claiming otherwise. 

24. Illegally-recorded phone calls aside, it’s photography that has gotten the royal family into the most trouble over the past century. Even way back before Queen Elizabeth II was the ruler of the Commonwealth, photographs shed light on the surprising way the royals lived.

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