Assassins of jfk information leak

Roscoe White: Shooter of JFK, J.D. Tippit and member of the ‘JFK Witness Elimination Team’

Roscoe White montageRoscoe White above with and without toupee; Roscoe White’s wife, Geneva, with Jack Ruby below left.  Below right is Roscoe White’s scrapbook clipping of his shooting spot behind the picket fence from the Moorman photo.  There is a faded ‘x’ penciled in the upper left corner of the photo:

ruby_024Roscoe White's personal copy of the Moorman Photo

‘Honey, it’s like war. The president is a national security threat. If I don’t do it, we’ll be in a nuclear war very soon…matters were taken out of our hands a long time ago.’ – Roscoe White 11/21/63

‘Kennedy has been a pretty good president, but he has to die.  He didn’t carry out his own orders.  If I don’t carry out my orders, I’ll have to die, too.’-Roscoe White to his pastor, Jack Shaw, 1971

‘I was Mandarin, the man behind the stockade fence who fired two shots. ’ –Roscoe White’s diary

‘The diary said after my father shot the President he handed his 7.65 Mauser to the man standing beside him, hurled over the fence, took the film from the military man, whirled around the fence and went through the parking lot.’ –Ricky White, 1990

‘She had seen Roscoe near the fence soon after the shots were fired. And, he saw her. Maybe that’s why she never heard from the police.’ –witness Beverly Oliver, Nightmare in Dallas, 1994.

‘The CIA had selected White and Tippit(sent in separate cars, with Billy Seymour lying down in the backseat of Roscoe White’s vehicle to keep from being spotted)…Under the guise of self-defense and in the line of duty they were to murder the ‘lone gunman.’  However, Tippit had wavered…allowing Oswald to escape.  Thus, White had been forced to kill his partner.’ – Sam Giancana and Chuck Giancana, Double Cross, 1991

‘What he (Ricky White)found were his father’s Marine Corps dog tags, negatives of old family photographs, a faded green textbook with newspaper pictures pasted over the pages, and three cables covered in protective plastic. The cables professed to be orders from Naval intelligence, addressed to Mandarin, using Roscoe White’s serial number. A cable dated October 1963 instructed Mandarin that his next assignment was “to eliminate a national security threat to worldwide peace”                                                                                  

…The green book, or the witness-elimination book, as it came to be called…was some sort of ghoulish scrapbook, apparently compiled at random and embellished with numerical code and hieroglyphics. Inside the front cover was his father’s(Roscoe White’s) name and serial number, and the words “players or witnesses.” Pasted to each page were old newspaper photographs. Some were easily identifiable—Ruby, Oswald, Jack and Robert Kennedy—but others were faces without names. ..Written below (one) picture were the words, “Big Mouth you talked after all.” On another page was a copy of the famous Mary Moorman photograph, taken at the instant the president’s head was blown open. An X drawn across a spot behind the stockade fence marked the place where Mandarin would have stood. Below the picture were these words: “Mandarin kills K uses 7.65 mauser in assassination.”‘– Gary Cartwright, ‘I was Mandarin,’ Texas Monthly , 1990.


Government shills and ‘debunkers’ say that Roscoe White’s tale of shooting JFK, J.D. Tippit and functioning as a member of the JFK witness elimination program has been debunked, but this is not the case, and many facts remain unchallenged.  These naïve/dishonest types hope that investigators might be fooled into ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ here in Roscoe White’s case.

In the early 1990’s Sam Giancana’s memoirs were published in abook called Double Cross which named Roscoe White as Tippit’s killer.  Some time earlier, a man named Ricky White came upon the scene with his tale of finding out that his deceased father had participated in the JFK assassination.  Ricky White told the tale of finding his dead father’s diary and mementos which implicated his father, Roscoe White, in the dead man’s own words and handwriting.  Ricky White went on to accuse the FBI of stealing the diary from him while they investigated the matter so that he could not present it to the public.

Sometime later, a dishonest JFK researcher named Joe H. West discovered that Ricky’s mother and Roscoe White’s widow, Geneva White, was in desperate need of money for her medical bills.  Evidently, under the advice of Mr. West, Mrs. White concocted a bogus 2nd diary of Roscoe White in the hopes of financial gain.  This work was revealed as a hoax shortly thereafter and was used to discredit Ricky White’s factual account of his father’s authentic diary thereafter.   Ricky White played no part in the bogus 2nd diary scheme and actually pointed out that its weepy tone and handwriting were much different than the genuine diary of Roscoe White.

Mr. West would go on to work on the bogus/embellished tale of James Files in which Files claimed to have killed JFK from the grassy knoll with a special prototype weapon called the Remington Fireball.  No one can corroborate James Files’ claims, however, unlike the other JFK conspirators featured on this blog.  At worst Files may not have been in Dallas at all or at best he has embellished his lesser support role in the assassination into something greater than it truly was.(Files may have been a driver, radio person or gun disposal person in the plot.)  Additionally Mr. Files named an incorrect JD Tippit shooter!

After the JFK assassination there were dozens of witnesses who would need to be bribed, blackmailed, co-opted, ignored, institutionalized, threatened or murdered to keep the ‘lone gunman’ story straight.  Roscoe White, along with the aforementioned dirty mortician/embalmer John Liggett and LBJ goon Mac Wallace likely were assigned to the ‘JFK Witness Elimination Team’ to take care of those who would not go along with the Media and Warren Commission’s version of events.

Some pertinent Roscoe White facts which still stand:

-Lee Harvey Oswald and White had been part of the same Marine unit and served together at least 3 separate bases previously.

-The Whites and the Oswalds both moved to Dallas in 1963.

-Roscoe White’s wife and Ricky White’s mother Geneva White worked for Jack Ruby in 1963 at the Carousel Club.

-Roscoe White was a member of the Dallas Police Force in 1963 and was a photographic expert.

-White worked across the street from Officer J.D. Tippit.

-The Whites prospered financially immediately after the JFK assassination.

-Roscoe White was killed in a mysterious accident thought to have been a deliberately rigged homicide.  Reverend Jack Shaw said White told him ‘the explosion was no accident,’ and that, ‘he saw a man running from the fire,’ before he died in 1971.

-On his deathbed Roscoe White admitted to his pastor that he had killed several people under contract for the CIA in the USA and abroad.

-Roscoe White had an original copy of the infamous Oswald backyard photo with rifle, pistol and Communist paraphernalia and an Oswald autopsy photo in his own personal effects.  (Was Oswald’s head superimposed on a picture of Roscoe White for this damning piece of evidence?  Or did mole/informant Oswald merely take the picture in the course of following numerous other self-incriminating actions from his CIA handlers?)

-Mobster Sam Giancana named Roscoe White as J.D. Tippit’s killer to his brother Chuck in the mid 1970’s.  Sam Giancana’s memoirs were not published until 1992.

Below is a documentary called ‘Evidence of Revision.’ It contains a segment on Roscoe White from 15:39 to 30:45 in the clip:

alternate link with just the Roscoe/Ricky White portion below:

Below is another clip of Ricky White discussing his father’s tale with a younger, more-inquisitive, Bill O’Reilly and a disinformation specialist named Harold Weisberg.  Evidently, Mr Weisberg’s role was to complain about other JFK conspiracies which he personally did not endorse, while promoting his own personal conspiracy conclusions.



on Thu 20 Mar 2014, 9:48 amby GuestThis story has greater credibility in light of Doris Holan’s account of a second police car at the Tippit shooting, and remembering that Roscoe White began working across the street from Austin’s Bar-B-Cue in late 1962 at the American National Life Insurance Company; Tippit stopped White’s former co-worker James Andrews a few minutes before his death in a frantic attempt to find something or somebody.

The Incredible Story of Mike Robinson
by Walt Brown
Reprinted from “Treachery in Dallas”

Anyone who does not believe strongly in either irony or coincidence will have to rethink their attitudes when they hear the revelations given to me by Mike Robinson.

As it is the central thesis of my work that elements of the Dallas Police Department had a far greater involvement in the JFK assassination than heretofore considered, it seems odd that the same police department “gave” me Mike Robinson.

I subsequently contacted Mike, as I had copied his name and phone number from the reporter’s notes (Woodward or Bernstein I’m not). I explained that I had been standing next to him for the interview and that I had heard most of his comments, but that I just wanted to make sure I had heard them correctly. Mr. Robinson, not knowing my voice over the phone from Adam’s, checked me out through people in Texas and only then shared his story.

Mike Robinson was fourteen years old the day the President was killed. Since I had been sixteen at the time, I felt I could relate to the emotions he told of.

He had watched the motorcade at Main and Harwood, the corner where Dallas police headquarters was located, with a friend whose father was a higher-up in the police. I have since been able to confirm the existence of both the friend, his father’s rank, and his father’s perhaps too-deep curiosity as to the events of November 22.

After the motorcade passed, the boys went to a theater, bought their tickets and popcorn, and then heard the rapidly spreading news that the President had been shot. Figuring that headquarters would be the center of subsequent action, he and his friend hastened back there in time to get to the third floor, check in with the friend’s father, and then see Lee Oswald being led out of the elevator. Since this was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for a young boy, and since the media were mobbing the area anyway, they stayed and observed the goings-on.

Mike indicated that he overheard in conversation that it was clear to anyone who was talking that the police were convinced beyond all reasonable doubt, even as early as 2:30 PM, that Oswald was the culprit on both counts. He also learned that J.D. Tippit had been killed. That event, while tragic, was not overly troubling to Mike, as many neighborhood kids knew Tippit from his comings and goings at Austin’s Barbeque, and Tippit had arrested Mike’s brother for drinking beer in public. The local teenagers, it was noted, had no use for Tippit, whom they viewed as your garden-variety asshole.

Putting that aside, Mike and his friend saw Oswald moved from the various places he was shunted to, and also saw him inside one of the glass homicide cubicles, until such time as newspaper was taped up to keep out the curious. Mike aso saw Bobby Hargis, the motorcycle officer splattered with particulate matter from the President, return to headquarters with blood and brain matter on him and his helmet, and when the realization of events hit Hargis, violently slammed the helmet into a wall and literally went beserk, requiring a number of other officers to restrain him (an event unknown to- or unreported by- the Warren Commission).

Part I of II

personon Thu 20 Mar 2014, 10:18 amby GuestAs afternoon approached evening, a trip to the rest room became an absolute necessity, but with extra police and media on the third floor, that was impossible. So Mike was taken, by the ranking officer whose son he was with, down to the lowest level of the building, where the officers had their lockers, and told that the rest room was just past the locker room.

While in the toilet/stall, the enormity of events hit Mike hard and he became emotional about them now that he found himself literally alone with the knowledge that the president he had just waved to a few hours earlier was now in a coffin. As this emotional turmoil came upon him, the rest room serenity was broken by the arrival of three individuals. Not to appear a sissy or be embarrassed, Mike lifted his feet and “hid” in the stall so that anyone observing would think that only the three men who had just entered were present.

Their brief conversation forever changed Mike Robinson’s life. Initially there were whispers, but eventually one individual- and these people were police or police-related in the officers’ rest room- vented some anger through gritted teeth, with appropriate profanity, to make statements that add great credence to the thesis enunciated herein.

As Mike Robinson reconstructs the statements, the order was: (angrily) “You knew you were supposed to kill Lee”, followed by icy silence, then the same voice in the same nasty tone, “then, you stupid son of a bitch, you go kill a cop…” At this point, another individual entered the room, and the first three fell silent. The newcomer, who Mike could identify as wearing blue, “did his business, flushed the urinal, and left.” The original three then concluded, “Lee will have to be killed before they take him to Washington.’

Naturally uncomfortable with what he had heard, Mike remained in his hideout for a decent span of time after the three men left the room, then left. As he passed through the police locker room, one officer, in the process of changing his clothes, stared at Mike, as if to say, “Were you in there when we were?” Having been shown every available photo of officers on the Dallas Police force at the time, Mike Robinson believes that the man who stared at him in a menacing way was Officer Roscoe White.

Caveat emptor. Some of the narrative cited above came to light as the result of hypnosis. This is not uncommon in police procedure, as witnesses to crimes can often be hypnotized and reveal details- from clothing to license plates- that they seemed totally unaware of in a conscious state. I was hypnotized in 1984 to begin the cure of a phobic concern, and I can personally report the success of the hypnosis. So if one chooses to see Mike as an opportunist, the obvious criticism is that he did not recall the entire story, although to this day, when he sees the ominous photo of Roscoe White in the Dallas Assassination Information Center, he admits that it scares the living hell out of him.

The hypnosis, which I asked a number of skeptical questions about and which will be well covered in Coke Buchanan’s writings about Mike, was done by an expert with a Ph.D. in hypnotherapy. It revealed that it was Mike’s deep-seated belief that one of the three bathroom individuals had something to do with an “agency”. He also believes “100 percent” that Roscoe White killed J.D. Tippit.

I have checked with sources to see if it was in any way possible that Oswald could have been in that bathroom, or if media people had made statements that could have been confused. I was assured that Oswald did “his business” in his cell, or in the third-floor rest room, and that the one place that would have been off-limits to press, and thus private to officers, was the area in question.

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