Biden on edge of victory, as EU fears ‘chaos’ after Trump tweets Inbox N News from EUobserver to me 3 hours agoDetails If problems viewing, open email in browser or switch to plain text format. ADVERT Online tools are helping people and businesses recover. Building on many years of investment in digital skills training for Europeans, Google has made a new pledge to help 10 million people and businesses find jobs, digitise and grow through easy to use products and training. Biden on edge of victory, as EU fears ‘chaos’ after Trump tweets TODAYThe pro-European candidate, Joe Biden, is on the cusp of victory in US elections, with Germany leading attacks on Donald Trump’s “awful” claims of voting fraud. Read on » Turkey starts to fine social media giants under new law TODAYFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube and TikTok were fined by Turkish authoirties for failing to appoint a representative able to address complaints, as required by a new law. Read on » Moldova: Pro-EU candidate scores surprise first-round win TODAYMaia Sandu, Moldova’s pro-EU former prime minister, won the first round of voting in Sunday’s election, setting the stage for a run-off against pro-Russian incumbent Igor Dodon. Read on » ADVERT Stay up to date on the fight for workers’ rights, climate justice, feminism, & democracy in the EU. Subscribe to the monthly ‘Megaphone’ bulletin from the Left in the European Parliament. Trump doing well in US election nail-biter 4. NOVThe anti-European president Donald Trump won Florida, a historical predictor of the overall outcome, but many swing states still too close to call on Wednesday morning. Read on » EU commission warns Hungary on ‘foreign-funded’ NGO law 4. NOVCivil organisation say that Hungarian authorities tasked with coordinating EU funds have denied an NGO funding over noncompliance with the controversial law – which has already been struck down by the European Court of Justice. Read on » OPINION Uzbekistan not even close to meriting EU’s trade scheme 4. NOVUzbekistan applied for the EU’s highly-prized ‘Generalised Scheme of Preferences’ trade tool in June this year – but despite some improvements the central Asian country still falls woefully short of these requirements. Read on » COLUMN Biden’s ‘democracy summit’ would be good for US – and EU 4. NOVThe EU is not a club of democracies anymore. The Hungarian and Polish governments provide real-life lessons on how to destroy democracy’s institutions, and they have plenty of eager students. Any attempt to paint a different picture would be hypocritical. Read on » EU condemns ‘despicable’ shooting in Vienna 4. NOVLeaders in Europe condemned the terror attack in Vienna, with Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz calling it “not a conflict between Christians and Muslims or between Austrians and migrants… [but] a fight between civilisation and barbarism.” Read on » INVESTIGATION Billions of euros, millions of faulty masks, and no answers 4. NOVIn the EU, only Portugal, Poland, Lithuania and Slovenia published all contracts signed by public authorities. Most countries held back information on prices paid, arguing it was necessary to preserve secrecy in order not undermine negotiations. Read on » News In Brief TODAYAnkara vows retaliation after French ban on Turkish group TODAYFour Italian regions put under lockdown TODAYBelgium: Corona-restrictions to stay until vaccine found TODAYDenmark warns of new Covid-19 strain in mink farms TODAYReport: EU ban on Lukashenko to enter into force Friday TODAYChina pledges to open up to EU firms TODAYBrussels runs out of ICU beds for Covid patients TODAYAustria ignored Slovak warning on jihadist killer ADVERT EUobserver celebrates its 20th anniversary. 20 years of independent, expert news on Europe. Become an expert on Europe yourself. Celebrate with us, join us today with a 40% anniversary reduction. Unsubscribe from newsletter or update your settings. Read our Privacy Policy. Follow us also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. © EUobserver 2020 Reply Forward View Gmail in: Mobile | Older version | Desktop © 2020 Google

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Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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