Americans, desperate for change, delude themselves into thinking the vote matters

Superficially the candidates seem to be very different certainly in terms of personality. You know, Trump is boorish, he’s unrefined, he’s loud, he’s not the kind of guy you want to come to your backyard cookout. He’s full of himself.

Biden is smoother. He’s that Good Old Boy, everyone’s uncle or at least these are the personality traits that they try to project. But that in itself shows the barrenness of the whole process. There’s always a Seinfeld line for everything–and these people ‘sure have built themselves up into something!’ They are touting this as the greatest election, the most important election in the history of history. I just look at it and say, are these people serious?

I mean, everybody knows, or the rest of the world knows that policies don’t change but presidents do. That’s how the rational world sees what’s going on. But there are factions, you know, and there really is something happening. I mean there are a quite a large number of people whose hatred for Trump is so visceral that they’ll even vote for Biden, and the hatred is not, is for Trump the man but also at what they pretend he has taken from them – this notion that there is a real America that’s different than what Trump represents, and they want it back. They want the smoothness. They want a sense of dignity, a sense of purpose, and respectability. The trouble is that it is a lot of pretending.

Trump is the most perfect distillation of what this country represents that any candidate has ever shown. It’s like he’s a caricature of the American, the Ugly American, except that other presidents have started even more wars and dropped even more bombs.

On the other side, you have an equal or well, even I think deeper, much deeper anger. Anger at what Trump pretends to represent–that is the people’s deep-seated, fear, anxiety about the future, about the disappearance of manufacturing, the crushing of unions, the neoliberal austerity agenda, elites lying to them, corporations chipping away at their humanity, not getting government to listen, not feeling like they’re being heard. And for a variety of reasons Trump has manipulated this into a personality mind storm that is quite impressive.

He gives a rally (and they talk about how this is insane, people say oh how can he do that, these are super spreader events), but you can’t ignore the fact that he draws like 50,000 people in Butler County, Pennsylvania, which has a total population of only just over 180,000. I mean, it is a phenomenon and it can’t be ignored.

Well, we’ll have to see whether that is enough to counter the enormous weight of shaming that went on with the democrats and their foisting Biden on the rest of us. It’s not the most important election in the history of history. It’s ridiculous, and it makes me really angry. When I hear it I just want to shut off the TV, the conversation. Just withdraw because it’s such ado about nothing.

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Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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