Biden on the brink

Story of the Week: Election in the Balance Joe Biden is looking increasingly like the 45th President of the United States, but close and lengthy counts in several key states mean that as the nation wakes up four days after the election, major media outlets have not yet called the final result — and President Donald Trump is showing no signs of conceding. Taking the stage Friday night in Wilmington, Del., Biden again preached patience with the count and sought to project a presidential mien with a move toward reconciliation. “The purpose of our politics isn’t total, unrelenting, unending warfare,” he said. Trump stayed out of sight Friday but said on Twitter: “Legal proceedings are just now beginning!” His claims of fraud have been unsubstantiated in court, and at this stage would likely require tens of thousands of ballots to be tossed out to swing the results. With a dwindling number of mail and provisional ballots still to be counted, Trump trails by more than 20,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona, while Georgia is heading to a recount with Trump trailing by more than 7,000 votes. Biden needs to win only two of those four states — or Pennsylvania alone — to secure the presidency. Sources: CNN, Fox News, AP, NYT

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Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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