EU seeks new deal for ‘90% effective’ Covid-19 vaccine

[Coronavirus] EU seeks new deal for ‘90% effective’ Covid-19 vaccineInbox

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2 hours ago

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Online tools are helping people and businesses recover. Building on many years of investment in digital skills training for Europeans, Google has made a new pledge to help 10 million people and businesses find jobs, digitise and grow through easy to use products and training.

CORONAVIRUS EU seeks new deal for ‘90% effective’ Covid-19 vaccine

TODAYAfter an experimental Covid-19 vaccine jointly developed by the American giant Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech was found to be more than 90 percent effective, the EU announced that it will sign a contract for up to 300 doses. Read on »

EU to target migrant integration and encrypted apps

TODAYMigrants ought to learn EU languages and “integrate” their children, while encrypted messaging apps should give keys to law enforcement authorities to help combat terrorism, EU ministers are preparing to say. Read on »

OPINION Georgia’s democratic struggle – what’s at stake for EU?

TODAYNow, in a country which the European Union often holds up as an example of its success story – Georgia – something has gone very wrong. Read on »

PODCAST Europe on a power trip

TODAY”Strategic autonomy” has become the mantra for European Union officials. But now with Joe Biden as US president-elect, and prospects for a renewal of trans-Atlantic ties, the urgency and relevance of the concept are again up for debate. Read on »

STAKEHOLDER How to make Mediterranean mass tourism sustainable?

TODAYSome 30 percent of the world’s tourists go on holiday in and around the Mediterranean Sea. Good for the economy – but a disaster for ecosystems. Read on »

News In Brief

TODAYBorrell describes Trump as EU ‘foe’

TODAYOrbán threatens EU budget veto

TODAYSaudi Arabia considers clemency for female activists

TODAYUK criticises Belarus for diplomatic expulsions

TODAYEstonia’s far-right ministers in hot water over Biden claims

TODAYMacron pushes for EU response on Islamist terrorism

TODAYHungary rolls out its toughest anti-virus measures yet

TODAYEU retaliates in US trade war, despite Biden election

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