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group “BeRain”(syndie)(Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg Russia) was formed in April of 2006. Recorded two albums – “Blackout”(2009) and “Imagined Validity of Mind”(2011)


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BeRain (synthpop, indie) was created on April of 2006 in the Yekaterinburg, Russia. Since the autumn of 2012 it based in St. Petersburg. All lyrics of the songs are in English.
Members: Alex Cook (frontman, singer, song writer) , Paul Druzhinin (keyboardist, arranger).

The meaning of music band is translated : “Be the rain”. As the frontman of the BeRain, Alex Cook, truely believes: ” Every drop of the rain is a song of the nature. And the water is our life.”

Initially, the group was created as a synth project in the genre of synthpop with elements dark.

First album (Blackout) was recorded in 2009, with a fully programmed by computer, but there were also a highlight – in some of the tracks had been prescribed a live bass.

The first performance of BeRain was in St. Petersburg. In consequence, namely, the city became the main platform for musicians for shows. BeRain were invited to different cities, geography performances began to expand: Perm, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Vologda, Moscow, St. Petersburg.

The band has performed at festivals of regional and international scales. BeRain played on the same stage with such popular groups as: Melotron (Germany), Covenant (Sweden), Minerve (Germany), Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode (United Kingdom)), De/Vision (Germany), Diorama (Germany), Solar Fake (Germany) and others.

The second album (Imagined Validity of Mind) was recorded in 2011, in a new style, with a completely different sound, described as – “syndie” (fusion of synthpop and indie), then the team has undergone with musical changes:the guitars and drums appeared in the sound.

In 2013, the band began a leisurely preparation for recording the 3d studio album – writing texts and elaborating the style of the new album.


MembersAlexsander Kukushkin
Born: 01.12.1984

Pavel Druzhinin
Born: 07.08.1980

Home TownEkaterinburg

Current LocationSt. Petersburg

General managerNady Zemlinika

InfluencesDepeche Mode, a-ha, David Bowie

Press contactNady Zemlinika

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