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Kai Tracid has played a central role in the German “Dance Charts” since 1997. He had several #1 hits, was nominated for the “Viva Comet” (in 1998), and started to work more and more with Frank Farian, who has been a successful producer for a long time… 

Back in 1995, the self-made musician and student of Electro-mechanical Engineering is hanging out in front of his computer, making random sounds and noises. All of a sudden he comes up with a formula which would later make him one of the most sought-after producers/DJs: By combining acid tunes from the underground with ethereal trance: “Yeah, that’s my kind of Tracid Track Sound – it’s a kind of trance that’s perfect for partying.” Kai continues: ” Even though I still can’t sing to this date, I am convinced that I have a feeling for emotional sections in my music.” And there is more that distinguishes Kai from his colleagues: “To me, deep and intelligent vocals are really important.” And this is indeed very rarely to be found in trance music. 

Kai Tracid has played a central role in the German “Dance Charts” since 1997. He had several #1 hits, was nominated for the “Viva Comet” (in 1998), and started to work more and more with Frank Farian, who has been a successful producer for a long time. A career that first started out at home with cheap equipment evolved into a first-range, hi-tech studio located near Frankfurt am Main. 

Whereas it was mainly European people that listened to Kai Tracid’s dance hits throughout the last couple of years, there has been an increasing number of people asking for gigs further away from Germany: “Recently, I have been playing some 150 shows a year, and the majority of these are outside of Germany.” Furthermore, the thirty-two-year-old has sold more than one million records that carry his heavy-weight mix of acid trance (that’s why he calls himself tra-cid). Australia, England, USA, Japan, Italy, Russia, Argentina, Turkey, and Brasil – the world seems listen to this guy, even though he does not only play the big arenas (with 35,000 people) but also loves to deejay at small clubs. 

Strangely enough, the athletic and handsome musician is rumored to be kind of shy. He doesn’t like people who pose too much. Being a non-smoker and staying drug free, he doesn’t even drink beer, dress weird or walk around with strange haircuts. “Whereas some of my colleagues had this, there has never been this kind of media-hype around my person. One reason for this might be the fact that I always remained the way I was before all this got started. It’s just me being who I am, you know?” he explains, and adds, “I have my very own type of style.” 

Two years ago, Kai made a statement concerning the success of Paul van Dyk: “That guy made it. At one point, I want to be where he’s at right now.” And now – he has actually made it: “Yeah, now I am there – but I went my own way.” 

His own way – that’s what is important to Kai. Kai Tracid has is own view, his own grasp upon the world, and he won’t follow no rules. “I just can’t. That’s why I did not join the German army either.” He is an obsessed paintball player – not only for the reason that it’s fun, but for the fact that people accept it and shake their heads at the same time. According to Kai, “there are icons in this scene. People who are just good. Next, there are people who are just very popular. And then – as a last category – there I am: Me, being the one who produces dope tracks.” 

And his success gives proof of this: There are some 50 artists on his label (which is called “Tracid Traxx”), and they are all constantly to be found in the dance charts. Kai has released some 100 of his own productions. People want to see more of him, they want him to deejay all over the planet, and they will also be able to watch him present his skills in the upcoming US-production “Hey DJ!”, a feature film that will be in cinemas later this year. So, what more do you want? What are his plans for the future? 

“I want to keep on doing the things that I enjoy: I want to produce my own music.”

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