Extracted from a recent (web) conversation in Canada

I can sure understand your concern! I went to your Sask Covid website and I can’t find the same kind of information that is on the Alberta site. (Maybe it is there, but not readily available…)

Anyway, here in Alberta the average age of death is 82; 66% of deaths are over the age of 80; 87% are over the age of 70; 87% of the deaths had a comorbidity of hypertension; 56% had dementia; 56% had cardio-vascular disease (these are the top three comorbidities). 76% had three or more comorbidities. So, in Alberta (and this seems to be the case in many other places) age and certain health conditions are the primary indicators of who will die (or need ICU or hospital care) from Covid!

That’s not to say that younger people with certain health conditions aren’t vulnerable of course. I think the takeaway from all this is that those who are feel they are at risk need to take the utmost of caution. Those who care for or who visit at risk populations need to do all the precautionary things when they are around those populations.

The rest of the population, and rightly so, should be able to get on with earning a living and living their lives, with the slight inconvenience of social distancing in public spaces, masking in high risk indoor public places, and hand washing.

Our Premier has publicly apologized for the damage that was caused to small business and to the mental and physical health of many vulnerable people during the first lockdown and has promised not to do it that way again. He has also promised that Alberta will not make a Vaccine mandatory (though that will probably be a moot point as mass vaccine availability is a long way off.) I think his reassurance goes a long way towards defusing the fact that a lot of people lost the right to earn a living (and no amount of Gov’t money makes up for that.)

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