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Vladimir Vasilievich Kvachkov (Russian: Влади́мир Васи́льевич Квачко́в; born 5 August 1948) is a Russian former Spetsnaz colonel and military intelligence officer, known for being arrested and charged for the attempted assassination of politician and businessman Anatoly Chubais in 2005, for which he was jailed for three years until he was acquitted on 5 June 2008. Kvachkov did not admit nor did he deny his role in the assassination attempt, instead declaring the act not criminal, and that the elimination of Chubais and the present Russian government was justified as Russia is under the occupation of a “JudeoMasonic mafia“.Vladimir Vasilievich Kvachkov

Vladimir Vasilievich Kvachkov was born on August 5, 1948, KraskinoPrimorsky KraiRussian SFSR, the son of a military officer, and spent his childhood as a military brat in the town of Ussuriysk, where his father was transferred

17 March 2005, Anatoly Chubais, head of the state run monopoly RAO UES and a major privatization economic reformer, narrowly escaped an ambush outside Moscow when his convoy was blasted with roadside bombs and trapped under automatic gunfire. The armored car carrying Chubais was damaged by a remotely controlled improvised explosive device, but was able to continue moving without stopping while the second car carrying bodyguards was shot upon. Allegedly the assailants left the scene in the green Saab car. Police investigators traced the green Saab reported at the scene, which turned out to be Kvachkov’s wife car. The prosecution insisted not to divulge details of the case.[5]


Soon Kvachkov and two other former Spetznaz troopers, Alexander Naydenov and Robert Yashin were detained under suspicion of involvement into the assassination. The Meshchansky District Court of Moscow approved ten-days-arrest for Kvachkov. Investigators did not have any direct evidence or indicating his guilt, but indirect evidence allowed the court to issue the warrant. Igor Yartykh, a lawyer who won a case involving former paratroopers accused of the murder of Dmitry Kholodov, took Kvachkov’s defense.[6] According to the version of the investigators, Vladimir Kvachkov, Naydenov and Yashin as well as Vladimir Kvachkov’s son, Alexander Kvachkov and Ivan Mironov, son of former Minister for Media and Information, Boris Mironov conspired to assassinate Chubais. The version was mostly based on the words of a single witness, Igor Karvatko.[4]

On 19 March 2005, Kvachkov, who was a specialist in explosives, was arrested as a suspect in the Chubais assassination attempt.[d] While the first search of Kvachkov’s home discovered nothing crime related, the second search found firecrackers in Kvachkov’s dacha.[7] Kvachkov denied his involvement and refused to help the investigation.[4] On 25 March 2005, Russian prosecutors formally charged Kvachkov with the assassination attempt.

22 December 2009, The Supreme Court rejected the prosecutor’s appeal and confirmed the jury’s verdict. The next day, Kvachkov’s apartment was raided by FSB and he was arrested again on charges of raising an insurrection using crossbows. Such cases are processed without jury and secretly, so some media have speculated that the new sentence may not be as successful for the defendant as the first one.[23][24] Chubais claimed that the new charges are very serious and that Kvachkov is insane.[25][26]

The Moscow City Court approved the arrest. Kvachkov’s lawyer Andrei Pershin said via the phone that he believed that the arrest of his client was Chubais’s revenge. “Considering the fact that he was already in pretrial detention, we expected this to happen,” Pershin said about the court decision to keep Kvachkov in pretrial detention for two months. He also stated that the defense planned to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. The charges were linked to the activities of the group of Kvachkov supporters, the People’s Front for Liberation of Russia, whose members in Tolyatti were accused of training with crossbows in a plot to overthrow the government.

Thus, Kvachkov faced literally decades behind bars on charges of assisting terrorists and planning an armed uprising. Terrorism-related charges also meant he could not be tried by jury that time, which implied that there was a greater possibility of a guilty verdict.

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