Prince Andrew’s ‘sex alibi’ falls apart as daughter Princess Beatrice has ‘no recollection’ of Pizza Express party

PRINCE Andrew’s “alibi” for the night he was alleged to have had sex with Virginia Roberts is in tatters.

His daughter Princess Beatrice has “absolutely no recollection” of the Pizza Express birthday party her father claimed to have attended on March 10, 2001.

Prince Andrew pictured with Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell
Undoubtedly serious?

The royal’s claims were first made in a “car crash” interview he gave with the BBC after he became embroiled in the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal.

The Prince has always vehemently denied he has had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Ms Roberts.

The Daily Mail has reported the family who hosted the now infamous party cannot recall what happened and have no pictures.

The paper also claims that housekeepers at his Sunninghill Park home “can’t remember” his movements.

  • Princess Beatrice has “no recollection” of the Pizza Express birthday party Andrew used as his alibi
  • The family who hosted the bash can’t recall if the Duke attended and got no pictures
  • Andrew had a home manicure booked for the afternoon he claimed he dropped Beatrice at the restaurant in Woking, a family diary says
  • A royal protection officer who was said to be on duty and could’ve backed the alibi has since died
  • Housekeepers at Andrew’s home “can’t remember” his movements

It has also emerged that a royal protection officer said to have been on duty that weekend has died.

According to the Mail, Andrew’s diary also shows he had a manicure booked on the afternoon he says he dropped his daughter at the party.

It is also claimed that Princess Beatrice has “absolutely no recall whatsoever” of the bash or her father picking her up and that she went to “any number” of Pizza Express parties as a child.

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