Each and every year at New year’s Eve (we hope and pray for better,but still with these Satanist elite 1% in control) it’s the same old sh**

2020 is the deadliest year in US history


Jones to me

View in browser December 22, 2020President Trump will close his final year in office overseeing the deadliest year in the history of the United States. The devastating record, as reported by the Associated Press today, can be largely attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. It shatters the number of deaths recorded in the previous year and therefore marks the sharpest one-year rise since the 1918 flu.Yet the dissonance between this unequivocal catastrophe and the attitude held by Republicans couldn’t be more pronounced. Look no further than the $900 billion stimulus bill Congress finally managed to pass on Monday for evidence of this gulf. The extra $300 unemployment benefit carved out in the package—exactly half of what Democrats wanted—will last only 11 weeks, meaning that this critical lifeline for some of the most vulnerable Americans will expire before a vaccine reaches large swaths of the general public. The bill, thanks to fierce opposition by Mitch McConnell, also doesn’t include aid for state and local governments. My colleague Hannah Levintova explains how that’s all but certain to give rise to more economic pain, long after the pandemic is over:Lawmakers also failed to include aid to state and local governments, which are strapped for cash after months of lockdowns and feeble economic activity. Heidi Shierholz, a senior economist and the director of policy at the Economic Policy Institute, calls this an “egregious omission” on the part of Congress that could slow economic recovery, including that of individual households, for years to come.”State and local aid is crucial to the pace of the recovery,” she says. That’s because states and local governments typically have balanced-budget requirements. Lacking aid, they will be forced to make huge cuts, creating an economic slowdown. This is precisely what happened in the 2008 crisis, Shierholz notes, when Congress provided insufficient assistance to state and local governments, resigning those regions to extended periods of austerity, delaying recovery “from the Great Recession by over four years,” she says. “So Congress leaving state and local aid out from this bill will deeply and negatively affect the strength of our recovery.”Meanwhile, Trump is lashing out at his perceived enemies and complaining about the Lincoln Project. A deal, after months of inaction, is far better than nothing. But as we finish the year with more grim milestones, what will it take for an economic package to match the unprecedented nature of the pandemic?

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