Refuse to be microchipped and you could be beheaded

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The seriousness of the mark of the beast

By Christopher Harris – Press Service International   

Something that has always stood out to me in the Bible of high importance for consideration is the mark of the beast. We are warned that in the last days before the return of Jesus Christ there will arise the antichrist called the beast who the whole world will worship (Revelation chapter 13 verse 8).

He will be attested to by a second beast who performs signs and wonders when in the presence of the first beast, including bringing fire down from the sky. He will cause the world to worship after the beast and will give life to an image of the beast that whoever would not worship the image would be killed (Revelation chapter 13 verse 15).

In accordance with the rise of this demonic world ruler, a human brand or mark will be imposed upon all of mankind, to small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and without the mark of the beast or his number which is 666 no one may buy or sell anything (Revelation chapter 13 verse 16).

The consequences of receiving the mark of the beast and worshipping the beast are severe.

A dire warning

The Word warns us clearly that any “who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name” (Christians included) will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, poured out full strength and be tormented with fire and brimstone with no rest day or night forever and ever (Revelation chapter 14 verses 9 to 11).

Sadly we are told in the Word that all who dwell on the earth whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb will worship the beast and receive the mark of the beast, thus receiving this judgment (Revelation chapter 13 verse 8).

Holding fast in the Lord no matter what

We are told of Christians who will refuse to worship the beast and receive his mark and are beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God and live and reign with Christ for a thousand years in the first resurrection and are called blessed and holy (Revelation chapter 20 verses 4 to 5).

We are given the example of those who will refuse the mark of the beast to the point of death by beheading, but while they die in this world they do not deny their faith in Jesus Christ and receive eternal life.

The Lord tells us a time is coming when Christians will be hated by all nations for His namesake and be delivered up to death (Matthew chapter 24 verse 9). The Lord tells us to not fear if we are to suffer but to be faithful until death and we will receive the crown of life (Revelation chapter 2 verse 10).

The Lord tells us in John chapter 12 verse 25 “he who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life”. This verse is highly applicable to the mark of the beast.

By only focusing on physical needs (food and water, buying and selling) and the fear of death, one may gain their life for a time in the physical by accepting the mark of the beast, but will certainly lose their life for eternity in the lake of fire.

What is the mark of the beast?

The mark of the beast is a physical mark on the right hand or forehead which is required to buy and sell and will be imposed worldwide upon all at the reign of the antichrist.

There are differing views on what the mark could be but I have felt we should take seriously the advertised and promoted RFID (radio frequency identification) microchip, which is a syringe injectable rice grain sized computer chip shown as injectable in the hand.

This chip is advanced technology able to keep all manner of personal and medical information on the person including bank numbers, passwords and other digital information that can be scanned and read instantly and held in a database.

Promoted for convenience of use on popular television such as Dr. Oz, it has been demonstrated to be able to buy goods and enter buildings with a swipe of the hand over a sensor, showing its compatibility to make and receive payments in a digital economic system.

The RFID is claimed to not be GPS traceable but alarmingly it was reported that in 2009 a Saudi inventor applied for a patent over a GPS traceable RFID chip that had imbedded a small dose of cyanide that could remotely kill the user. In all but one State in Australia the microchipping of pets has become mandatory at law.

What if the same occurred for people including children during the reign of the antichrist, to be microchipped as animals (beasts) justified by convenience or safety? In Nazi Germany Jewish prisoners were stamped with codes on their wrists for identification.

The RFID will bring up all personal information when scanned and is superior in this way for identification and tracking purposes, especially for prisoners. Many Christians including myself have dreamed that the RFID microchip is the mark of the beast and I have personally seen enough to be concerned.

We live in a world of dramatic technological growth with a push towards artificial intelligence, transhumanism and merging our bodies with machines. We need to keep sight of how God made us to be.

We are made in His image and not part man part computer. Let us not lose sight of the warnings we are given in Scripture of the mark of the beast.


Christopher Harris is a 27 year old from Victoria. He confessed his faith in Jesus Christ in 2016 and has sought to set his focus on the Lord. He makes videos on his youtube channel and believes the world is living in those times prophesied by the Holy Bible as the last days. 

A link to Christopher’s other articles:

Christopher Harris is 29 years old and confessed his faith in Jesus Christ in 2016 and has sought to set his focus on the Lord. He makes videos on his youtube channel and believes the world is living in those times prophesied by the Holy Bible as the last days. 

 A link to Christopher’s other articles:

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