Boeing 737 MAX ‘mostly full’ on its U.S. return to skies

Dec. 29, 2020 11:22 PM ETAmerican Airlines Group Inc. (AAL)By: Carl Surran, SA News Editor11 Comments

  • Boeing’s (NYSE:BAfirst U.S. flight of the 737 MAX since the aircraft was grounded nearly two years ago reportedly was mostly full today, and American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL) President Robert Isom was among the passengers.
  • American flight 718 departed Miami International Airport around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday and landed at New York’s LaGuardia Airport at 1:10 p.m., marking the start of American’s plans to gradually return the MAX to service.
  • American is announcing aircraft types during boarding to make sure passengers know they will be on a MAX, and the company said nobody rebooked today due to concerns about flying on the plane.
  • In an interview, American COO David Seymour told WSJ that the carrier would not have returned the plane to service if its pilots and flight attendants were not confident in it.
  • United (NASDAQ:UAL) plans to resume MAX flights on Feb. 11, and Southwest (NYSE:LUV) plans to put the plane back into service in March; Southwest reportedly says a minority of customers have expressed discomfort about the plane, although the company their comfort levels will improve as the MAX flies more.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration will increase oversight of aircraft manufacturers, require disclosures of critical safety information and provide new whistleblower protections, according to new reforms signed this week by Pres. Trump.
737 max distinguished by split scimitar winglets

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Torrid tungstenToday, 12:31 AMComments (197)In American English:1. A noun can be verbed.2. A verb can be nouned.3. An adverb can be verbed.4. A burglary is a burglarisation, and burgled is burglarisationed.After the “mostly peaceful” demonstrations, and a “mostly” full flight, its clear that from 2020, “mostly” now means “wasn’t”.Here’s how to use in newspeak.I mostly on board. And never will beReplyLike

NaturalBornScepticToday, 12:15 AMComments (1.04K)Such a silly and long escapade that someone should be in jail for (and I am long Boeing).ReplyLike

ConfoundedinterestToday, 12:15 AMContributorPremiumComments (1.03K)Safest plane in the sky after all that scrutiny!ReplyLike

Investing4FIREToday, 12:13 AMPremiumComments (3.56K)Thank you President Biden you handsome old man for confiding in an American iconic company. BA wounded but not dead. Long live Joe, Long BA!ReplyLike

Paul JernbergToday, 12:07 AMComments (137)I would have loved to be on board either of those flights today, either as a passenger or flying her.ReplyLike(2)

gw77777Today, 12:00 AMComments (8)You can keep your MAX! Won’t get me on one ANYTIME soon!ReplyLike

oeconomicusYesterday, 11:56 PMComments (560)Must have been some really brave, or uninformed passengers.ReplyLike

FelloniToday, 12:02 AMComments (84)@oeconomicus the max is now probably the most tested plane in the sky. What else do you need to see?ReplyLike(4)

AntonGMmanToday, 12:35 AMComments (379)@Felloni far from most tested. They just did what should have been done years ago when it was developed. Nothing more. But nice try.ReplyLike

oeconomicusToday, 12:39 AMComments (560)@Felloni “Okay”. That’s great. *Applause* However, I’ll stick with Airbus — more ergonomic and get their testing done before carrying the masses.

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