Prince Andrew will face ever-worsening news in 2021

Prince Andrew will face ever-worsening news in 2021 says RICHARD MADELEY ‘I predict 2021 will bring ever-worsening news for Prince Andrew’

After the year we’ve just had, you might think it foolhardy to make predictions for the next one. I’d intended to avoid that today – until Ghislaine Maxwell was refused bail this week, even after offering an eye-watering $22.5 million guaranteeing she wouldn’t do a moonlight flit. By RICHARD AND JUDY PUBLISHED: 16:15, Sat, Jan 2, 2021 UPDATED: 16:15, Sat, Jan 2, 2021 Prince Andrew remains ‘blight’ on the monarchy warn experts So I’ll make a prediction after all. 2021 will bring ever-worsening news for Prince Andrew. Firstly, consider the conditions under which Ms Maxwell is being held. They are truly grim. RELATED ARTICLES Prince Andrew actor ‘best choice’ for divisive royal in The Crown Prince Andrew controversy: No sign of Duke speaking to FBI ADVERTISEMENT She’s been in solitary confinement since her arrest last July. Days and nights are endured in complete isolation, except for the guards who shine a torch into her eyes every fifteen minutes as she tries to sleep. Apparently no prison officer will speak a word to her.  She reportedly sometimes goes 20 hours without food. She’s lost almost two stones and when she complained, prison authorities at New York’s notoriously harsh Metropolitan Detention Center removed her scales to prevent her recording any further weight loss. She is forced to wear paper clothes and is refused a bra because of fears she is a suicide risk. Her cell is tiny – 9ft by 7ft. Maxwell faces another six months in this claustrophobic concrete bubble before trial. Whatever you think of her, it would take a heart of stone not to feel empathy for another human being suffering what amounts to mental torture. To coin a phrase: you wouldn’t treat a dog like that. But it’s not sadism, or premature punishment ahead of a verdict. No; there’s calculated purpose behind this pitiless regime.But here’s another prediction… it will. They’re trying to break her. I personally never believed she would make bail: she could have offered $100m and the judge would still have said no. Passports surrendered (she has three); electronically tagged; confined to one address and monitored round the clock, Maxwell was never a flight risk. She’s been kept incarcerated to “encourage” her to turn state’s witness. Tell prosecutors everything she knows. So far she’s refused to co-operate, or to reveal any secrets about Prince Andrew and what he may or may not have got up to with their mutual friend, convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. (And of course, prosecutors are still looking to speak Andrew as a potential witness). Maxwell pinned her hopes on bail, only to see them dashed. ‘Maxwell faces another six months in her claustrophobic concrete bubble before trial’ (Image: Getty) ADVERTISEMENT Imagine what prosecutors are whispering in her ear now. “You really want to spend another six months living like this? Maybe another 30 years if you go down? Talk to us, Ghislaine. Let’s do the deal. Save yourself.” Meanwhile the FBI continues to complain that Andrew won’t co-operate with them. They’re not interested in his reported offer of a written statement: they want to interview him face-to-face. Given the way he shot himself in both feet during his encounter with Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis, you can see why the palace is desperate for that not to happen. RELATED ARTICLES Prince Andrew warning: Duke told ‘much more to come’ from Maxwell case Prince Andrew: The Duke emerges after Ghislaine Maxwell release Queen ‘supports’ Prince Andrew who is planning new future Most read in Columnists Latest videos Queen to celebrate huge milestone in 2021 as she ‘passes on duties’ to younger royals Police appeal to find ‘reckless’ NYE ravers after 500-year-old Essex church gets wrecked Pope Francis breaks silence after health fears forced him to miss very special service Are you watching, EU? 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Be PROUD of our defiance in 2020 says PATRICK O’FLYNN Boris Johnson must learn to balance enthusiasm with realism says NICK FERRARI Look on the bright side – we still have the Queen says VIRGINIA BLACKBURN Frost and Boris must be praised for giving us this Brexit, says LEO McKINSTRY TODAY’S PAPER Sunday, 3rd January 2021 See today’s front and back pages, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive. CONNECT WITH US Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to our rss feed Check our YouTube channel Play Express Wins Apps Horoscopes Puzzles Shop Discount codes Sitemap Paper About Us Site Archive How to Complain Journalists Advertising Report A Tech Issue Cookie Policy Affiliate advertising Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Syndication and Licensing Clarifications and Corrections Developed by Netro42   IPSO RegulatedCopyright ©2021 Express Newspapers. “Daily Express” is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.

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