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Food Wars: Nations Halt Exports, Import Anything in Sight

by Ice Age Farmer | Jan 4, 2021 | Podcast

Corn/Soy/Wheat hit 6-year highs as Argentina is the latest country to limit their corn exports. While major feed companies in the US are renting river barges just to hoard soybeans, smaller markets like Nigeria and Trinidad & Tobago are canaries in the coal mine, running out of feed for their animals already, and offering a glimpse of where we are all headed as multinational companies boycott soybeans from Brazil, the #1 producer. Christian breaks down these explosive developments which, in concert with the WEF’s cyberpandemic threatening to take down power grids, and the US’s political timebomb ticking away, promise to make 2021 staggeringly interesting.
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NY SB416: Quarantine Camps & Forced Vaccinations – Do You Love Freedom Enough [Not On Youtube]

by Ice Age Farmer | Jan 4, 2021 | Podcast

This video is not on youtube — I will work on better embeds for – for now, click here:
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New York Senate Bill 416 authorizes quarantine of individuals or groups who “potentially pose a threat to public health,” including forced testing and vaccinations. This must stop now. This Ice Age Farmer broadcast is NOT available on youtube due to the subject matter.
Here’s the bill:
It was A99 last year, but suffice to say, sentiment has changed radically, and with immunization passports in the news, this merits our attention.
That’s it. No other links. I still have a youtube channel for now. But is the place you should go.
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